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Take a moment and thank a sponsor for this episode of the podcast. Those our friends over at New neum the habit change program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works you can understand why you make the decisions you make and feel empowered to change for good with neum. You pick the right goals for you whether it's feeling better than your clothes having more stamina to keep up with your busy life and being more in tune with your body's needs neum is going to help you with physical examples of eating better to feel better having more energy and enjoying exercise again and also psychological examples by feeling good about your choices. An improved sense of self worth and mood less stress and anxiety. I had the podcast coming later on this week about life at Ponderosa. I'm telling you that they could. They could have studied this over at noon. Because you're learning about the psychology of how a lot of survivors make food choices. Yeah I gotTa Tell You With with life in lockdown I could I could stand to look into neum. I've been looking too much into I'm NAM NAM over here. Yeah yeah well. Neum is great because it works with your lifestyle so you don't have to commit to a rigorous plan. You have specific lessons that you'll learn about your habits in the ease of just ten minutes a day and also you'll have a personalized coach. Who will help you understand yourself and your goals. It's based on the cognitive behavioral approach and uses Personal Kagi on the cognitive behavioral approach using personalized courses. He'll be Richard specific goals. And it's very forgiving. Because you're human if you go off track there's no shaming just tips up you get back on track tomorrow everybody's busy that's why neum doesn't demand too much of your time designed by psychologist no specific jargon or complicated remember just the behavior change experts and they meet you on your level over eighty percent of numerous finish. The program over sixty percent have stuck with their goals for at least one year. I've gotten the APP on my phone's very easy. Just connect with your personalized coach. Get all sorts of insights into what you're doing. There's a science to getting healthier. It's called NEUM. Sign up your trial today at noon. Dot Com that's N. O. M. dot com slash. What do you have to lose visit? Neum DOT COM to start your trial. Today that's Neum N. O. M..

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