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All these things lined up unfortunately to have a good ending so yeah i Nightclubs has support mission I use of non couples also while flying the aircraft First time be performing a nighttime high angle of Sorry a high angle straight tank. So lots of i the The guy was probably pretty maxed out with a with a lot going on. So you have to say that The likelihood of impacts making an error was high on the normal But between the two of them they said you didn't spot that he had zeroed in on the wrong target until it was too late. It doesn't help to that. The ground crew that was struck was less than half a mile away and it was almost an identical configuration to the target Yeah yeah so far. He's going almost a bit surprised that i wasn't undercover Could reasons for that. I don't know how this range was being organized. It's not like it's the first time. I had of quite a few instances of misidentification of targets at night And people bombing the range safety else's hot people bobbing boats at sea. That will fishermen and not You know floating targets. These things do happen. Sadly well Moving on item d. An a three twenty one brushed past glider during descent into.

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