United States, Ukraine, Senate Intelligence Committee discussed on C-SPAN


Attacks are not limited only to our election systems recent reports from the department of homeland security make clear that russian military intelligence operatives continue to conduct the preparatory steps needed for major cyber attack against our energy infrastructure including pre placing the same malware and the united states that they use to take down on the electric grid and ukraine twice imagine if you would the during the cold war we found out that soviet military intelligence operatives had placed secret explosives that could take down the electric grid all around the united states when our leaders of stood by and debated the nature of the threat or would we act unfortunately over the past three years and both administrations our national response to russian cyber info attacks both against the united states and our allies has been too weak american universities around the world need action and given the current environment in washington the senate intelligence committee will need to play a leading role in driving that action in the summer of two thousand seventeen a little team up at the harvard kennedy school set on a mission with one primary goal to do as much as quickly as possible to help lower the risk of cyber and information attacks on the two thousand eighteen midterm elections so this project known as the defending digital democracy project is a bipartisan issue that i co lead with robin brooke and matt roads and we're developing real world practical solutions to try to defend against cyber and information attacks it's a diverse team we have technical experts political operatives public affairs ninjas and a hardworking team of school students who are working very closely with nass nasa and the department of homeland security to support our project.

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