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Body arriving back at joint base Andrews after a cross country flight from Arizona you will be honored as only a few dozen others have by lying in state. At. The US capitol another memorial service in Washington Saturday than a private. Family burial. Burial will take place. At. The school, that graduated navy pilot John McCain US. Naval academy in Annapolis the. Funeral of Aretha Franklin begins to just, a few? Hours, at the greater grace temple in Detroit it's expected to start at nine AM central. It's, also expected to last. Several. Hours President Clinton. Smokey Robinson. Are among several. Speakers, performances at the funeral included Stevie Wonder faith hill and Jennifer Hudson Chicago police officers taste, and arrested abandoned, river north this morning they say he was threatening people with a knife and trying to start fights happened just after, midnight. Near state. And grand, a judge. Has scheduled scheduled rather a. Rare Saturday hearing in the murder trial of a Chicago police, officer George Benson Gauguin will decide whether. To take officer, Jason Van Dyke, into custody prosecutors want him held in contempt of court forgiving the Chicago. Tribune and interview they say that violated a court order former governor Pat Quinn may get his term limit question on the November ballot after all he now has. More. Than enough signatures it would be a binding referendum to set. Term Limits on Chicago mayors, a three term maximum the. Chicago Board of elections has Quinn needed fifty two thousand five hundred thirty three signatures he got nearly. Fifty five thousand and mayor emanuel's expected to. Announce later today that nearly half of. All Chicago, public school graduates are headed for college with a head start, forty six, point six percent of two, thousand eighteen graduates, earned early college and career credentials such as. Advanced placement international baccalaureate stem and career and technical education courses that's a fifty percent increase since twenty fourteen the mayor set. A goal of ensuring at least fifty percent of all CPS graduates finish high school with early college in. Career credentials by twenty nineteen which may not be too, far out of reach. Jan desalvo WGN news let's get an update, now from WGN sports here's Andy. Macer nice opening victory for north western, last night beating Purdue thirty-one twenty-seven running back Jeremy liken ran for a career. High one, hundred forty three yards scored a couple. Of touchdowns Clayton Thorson made his fortieth consecutive start This just nine. Months removed from ACL surgery northwestern wins nine straight overall the longest winning. Streak since. One thousand nine hundred five and, the Wildcats will, host Duke coming up. Next Saturday at Ryan field preseason has come to an end for the bears fall to the bills at Soldier Field, twenty eight twenty, seven roster cuts will start taking, place tomorrow the team. Will get down to the mandated fifty three man roster for the season opener coming up. Next Sunday night at Green Bay well look good early but a White Sox four they lead over the Red Sox evaporated quickly Boston scoring four in the seventh five of the, night to, beat the White Sox nine two four loss falling another strong outing from Lucas g Alito pitched into the seventh inning allowed just a couple of. Hits and striking out eight game to coming up tonight Michael kopech will go for the White Sox against Nathan of all for the Red Sox I have you're pregnant six thirty five first pitch, with that and DJ coming up at seven ten here on, WGN could. Start to a long trip for the cubs. Thomas stella's I. Rear pinch hit home run gave a five four win over land a makeup. Game from a rain out in may. Cubs now head to Philadelphia for the start of the, irregular schedule ten game road swing cubs Did make a trade yesterday the cubs acquired Bali. Wilson catcher from Minnesota for Chris Jiminez and a player to be named. Later and a reported deal in baseball has, the gang keys, acquiring out there Andrew. Mccutchen from San Francisco for a couple of minor leaguers on the home of the Blackhawks northwestern Wildcats and White Sox, baseball Andy mazer, WGN sports Madison Dearborn partners Chicago Illinois seeds vice president to identify evaluate execute investment opportunities and to monitor operations of entry five. Strategic advice.

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