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At or wherever you get your podcasts. Steve Foster NewsRadio Wofl, Another hot day in store for the Tampa Bay area highs near 95 a 20% chance for a few passing afternoon showers. Wins will be a bit breezier than yesterday Northeast at 10 to 15. Hurricane nears Florida's East coast today but will continue to have minimal impacts across the Bay Area Sunday highs near 92 a 30% chance for a few dusty showers, But the strongest winds will stay on Florida's east coast on the water today. Northeast winds at 15 to 25 knots. I'm news Channel eight meteorologist Amanda Holly. News radio fella now streaming on your Amazon Echo and over 2000 devices by the I. Heart Radio at the following is a commercial program paid for by Heatwave CP LLC. The opinions, viewpoints and promises made during the following program are not those of W F L AM its staff management our parent company, I. Heart media incorporated. Welcome to the Heat wave air experts radio show with your host pad. Donovan, an industry expert, Dan Billingsley, president and CEO of Heat, Wave heating and cooling, Get ready to hear proven tips on how to keep your air conditioning efficient and keep your energy bills. Lo. Now here's Pat Donovan. Good afternoon. Welcome and you're listening to the air experts radio show. I'm Pat Donovan. I'm joined by Dan Billingsley. Dan is the president of Heat Wave heating, cooling and plumbing and listen. Your air conditioning your heating system. It's important anywhere you live, but nowhere more important than right here in Florida because I gave my car go wrong. I don't care about that. I can have stuff in my life break. I'll get it fixed. You know what? I can't have break my air conditioning system. And that's why I know.

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