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It's one of these lines that when you really think about it, could open up a lot of doors and opportunities in the top 6, right? If you can put Smith with coil and they produce and you find a spot for Frederick and his kind of tough game mixed with actually playing real hockey. You might have something here. Yeah, absolutely. I think it's a positive domino effect if you're able to keep that line together. And it seems like barring any other late lineup changes. You've probably going to see that line again on Thursday against the islanders because bergeron was with Paul and pasta on that top line today and they pretty much the whole line is kind of more or less been broken up. He's kind of back more in the third line role and it's the Frederick Coyle Smith line that's kind of still the de facto second line there. So once you get back to full strength, yeah, as you said, not only is it, I think one of the more encouraging things you've seen so far in that line is it's seems like Coyle's been a lot more assertive, especially in the offensive zone he's not deferring as much. I mean, he gets that goal off of just driving towards the net. Rebound is there and he's able to knock it past his steric, which is no easy task as we've seen from him all year. But then yeah, if it also not only gets coil more engaged, which is a key thing this team needs to do to kind of get that middle 6 group going. If you're able to get Smith going, which seems like that guy's been snake bit about ten games now that you hope that eventually he gets into one of these four goals in 5 games kind of run here that is able to get him going a little bit. And again, as you said, Frederick, Frederick, who we know he can be a regular fourth line guy, but if this kind of unlocks a little more offensive game out of him, have him play kind of more straight line minutes of just being more of a powerful than just a four checking presence. I mean, that gets them going because again, not like the bruins need them to be a 30 goal scorer and he won't be, but if it's a situation where he becomes just a solid middle 6 guy that it contributes to your team, you'll take it. So if that ends up being your third line, you can roll with a group that is physical can be a matchup problem against heavier teams and the playoffs..

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