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Dissect and analyze I used to love listening to guys like melon and guys look Borbon Guven, New York, and Phil residual telling me some stories. I mean, the television tube is about entertaining. My parents loved sports my dad, and all, but you know, my dad or mother while on educated fifth grade education doctorate Olov and they used to love the garage Yola. Maybe I'm wrong. But I just think the too many guys wanna play wanna play for their buddies and their coaching peers of the maybe losing a job and getting into TV, and it just becomes so technical that I'm bored. I'm Tom board. Now, you're you're one hundred percent, right and your career seventy nine. I'm we're what are we talking forty almost forty years here. I I think that's proof and that proof is in the pudding right there, dick, well, seventy nine I feel like about twenty two. I really have played tennis. I out reality sets in. For what I look in the mirror hit more than you're not twenty two by Fred? But I just love people, and I love just give it and right now, you know, the most important thing in my life. I is right now on the assist with obsessed raising money for kids, and I will never forget you about a year or two ago, we had a youngster name about Tony cult and a lot of people don't know the name. This was one beautiful courageous youngster right here where I live and he battled for six years. Cancel like, you cannot believe he'd be in remission comeback beer ship. Well, he was out my gala back in two thousand seventeen and he came to the Gallup, and he was terminally at that time told it was like talkative happen making and he was just smiling and sitting them watching him, and he spoke in my next day with my gal, by the way, you have an open invitation. Anytime you want to call them guests celebs, you're you're welcome this year honoring Donald Sweeney, but and Saturday night after the gala, we have a big. Event at my house, just for the honor gas, the celebrities cancer kids at all the biggest donors and at my house. He spoke on never forget this. Here's a kid fighting for every day for another day. And he's telling the people there that brought so many people had tears. He's a please, I beg you to listen to coach visas, call me coach via please listen to him and raise money so kids don't have to go through what I'm going through well about a month and a half after that he really came down really seriously visited him at the hospital. My wife went to all children's hospital. No, no, mom and dad should have to sit there and watch their child laying in bed like he was with tubes. And everything trying to kill the pain. And now he could only basically whisper and basically said to me keep doing you're doing. It says, Tony I promise, you know, tears roll. Now. That's I. Teared up here talking about it. But search so anyway, I the bottom line is I told them I said, Tony, I promise you, I promise you to my last breath. I'm going to beg I'm gonna plead and I'm going to beg people to donate money to help kids. And that's why live right now. I'm obsessed with it and my wife, and my family sometimes a little noisy because I don't stop by buddy. See me, they know he's going to ask us for money. You can. And you know, and I don't ask I don't expect people to give they don't have it Paul. But if anybody out there wants to join my team, I goal is high this year. I never thought I'd be starting asking I want to raise four million dollars to ship gallon four millions number. Lest you is three point seven million with twenty five point two million so far for research, and it's not enough. It was enough Tony it'd be living. And I'm asking anybody wants to join me you can buy my new book. I have a new book on the screen dick another. Proceeds are. My good friend. Dick wise, dick Vitale mount Rushmore of college basketball at everydollar.

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