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All right, max max, you've been on hold for a while, my friend. Thank you so much and welcome to Katie k radio you're on with Wendy bell in for mardi Griffin. Yeah. Good morning. I wanted to tell you that. I appreciate your perspective where you talk about those sides of the issue, you research, you're you're sorta like alive fact checker. I try my best right? That's what journalists are supposed to do. And just finding you by accident on Katy K. I switched between several talk show stations. And to hear your perspective. I'd much rather. Listen to you in the morning. Any of the sensational broadcasters that are in Pittsburgh nationally right now. I appreciate that. We'll tell me max now that I've got you on the phone. This immigration thing is is serious. What's your perspective is the president doing the right thing? Or is this a stunt right before the election? My perspective is. Probably unique to this area. Both of my parents were immigrants. They come over through Ellis Island. They've both passed away, and I've gone through her paperwork and their immigration papers. So I am familiar with the process I have relatives here in the US. And all of my other relatives are overseas. Summon Muslim countries summoned communist country, some in western Europe. So I keep in touch with them. What what perspective I see is that the process that immigrants went with after the second World War was a documented process. They need to either change the process open it up or follow the regulations. I don't understand how people say that. It's it's biased against these migrants. Coming over right now from what I heard on the on the recorded messages by the president. He said that they will be processed at the border. They just won't flow across the border freely like, rain or revelers, right? And I think in in the past what happened is they were processed at the border and then allowed entry. And and I think that's a huge part of it. Now, I'm no immigration expert by by any means. But I definitely when you're dealing with seventeen hundred people daily in addition to several thousand more marching this way. It's a serious issue. And max, I really do. Appreciate you taking the time to call. Thank you so much, and I hope you have a great day dare. Thank you. I enjoy your. Thank you love. All right. Let's talk to rob. Rob in Penn hills. A year didn't call in the right show. If you wanna talk about immigration, let's go. Okay. Well, first off, I'm not a Trump supporter, but I do support him on our orders. Okay. Not necessarily how they are going to go about it at the moment. But it does need to be strengthened up. I. It's nice to somebody is finally talking about bringing it up and try to get somebody done something done having said that Republican party in my lifetime. And I'm sixty five they talk a lot about immigration. It's a a talking point is a hot button. How's that working for us? Right. Yeah. And but they they turn right around like. Reagan and give amnesty. And they talk about you know, Bush did I wanted I doubt. I don't disagree with you. I think we have had miserable failures in this regard. I agree with you wholeheartedly. This is not this is not a a red or blue issue. It's a purplish, Hugh, if we could say that the United States is all of that. And I appreciate your perspective. One more thing. Trump could be taken a lot more serious emigration thing getting hit straight to home. I mean Alania came here with the illegal visa at an acre baby and brought her family over in the chain migration. I mean, that's the that's the thing. He rails about all the time and is in its talking points yet his own wife is Representative of that. So you're saying walk the walk. Yeah. I mean, you know, let's start with keyboarding them. For harbor harboring illegal alien. Bob, I left. No, no, no. No. No. I understand what you're saying. Really? I don't know the the ins and outs of the Trump's immigration background. I I'm sorry. I wasn't armed with that facet of the conversation today. But I, you know, interesting thoughts, okay about okay? Tony in the north hills. Good morning, you're on Katie k radio with Wendy bell in for mardi Griffin. How are you? Good morning, Wendy. How are you? I'm well. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that Marty is doing so. Well, and hopefully, we'll hear you back again when he returned. Well, we'll see if you don't it'll be for a good reason. And that's because he's strong and feeling good. So what do you have to say about this? Well, what I was calling about Wendy. I'm just joining the show, but I did hear your opening segment with respect to all of the media coverage referring to the president as a racist. Whether or not you agree with the president I-. He is not a racist. I think that you know, what we saw last weekend the horrific tragedy three of life that was a hate crime. And I think in a much lower level, the president has been victimized by hate crime as well because I think that there are those that no matter what he does. He's damned if he does damned if he doesn't get find a cure for cancer. And but he didn't find it fast enough. That's what I have been yesterday. I didn't you do that last year? Yeah. No, you're right. You're you're you're point is right. And and it's well said, and I appreciate that. It's still I mean sure is his presidential as he should be. No. But remember he campaigned on. What you see is what you get. And you're getting out. Right. And you're getting it, right? All right. So my my my basic point is I just think that overall he has been treated with a high degree of unfairness. I think. Yeah. I think you're right. And I think yeah. Oh, I'm so sorry. I just disconnected him. I'm sorry. Dear. I'm up against a break. But interesting perspective. I've got Jim and Bob holding on another line coming in one is open. Please fill it. Eight six six three nine one ten twenty. I'm Wendy bell. Please join the conversation. Here's traffic with Kathy..

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