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Episode number 680 a Beacon of Hope in a sea of fear, you're listening to the official BNI podcast would be ni founder and chief Veterinary officer. Dr. Ivan misner stay tuned for networking and referral marketing tips from the man who's been called the father of modern networking along with suggestions and insights into getting the most of your membership in the world's largest networking organization being. Hi. Hello everybody and welcome back to the official BNI podcast. I'm Priscilla Ross. I'm coming to you from Live Oak recording studio in Berkeley, California, and I'm joined on the phone today by the founder and the chief Visionary officer of BNI. Dr. Ivan misner. Hello, Ivan. How are you? And where are you? Oh, I have been traveling. It's been online, but I have been traveling over the last week or so. I've been to Singapore the United Kingdom dog. Conference UK Ireland Australia, the United Arab Emirates Italy. I have really been talking to be and I remembers all over the world in the last week or so. That sounds like fun. Actually it had been great. And I think today's message is one of the more important ones that I've ever done on being a podcast. These are really difficult times and some people want to give up don't it's actually time to double down on your efforts. Not abandon your network be and I am here to help you get through these challenging times. In fact, I believe we are in a position to actually help even more people this year than we've ever helped before others May struggle during this time, but you'll be in a.

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