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Twenty four seven news continues now on KOMO news. Police in New Zealand say fifty people are dead fifty injured following terror attacks at two mosque in Christ Church during Friday prayers. Police Commissioner Mike Busch says the death toll rose to fifty because authorities recovered an additional body with sadness advise the number of people who have died in this awful event has narrow isn't fifty. Donovan. Faith leaders from around the world calling for unity and tolerance following those terrible attacks at the mosque in New Zealand, Royal council of religious leaders secretary general jawline says everyone can take steps to tackle their own prejudice. Talk to them. What did? He says now is the time for solidarity. Community stein. President Trump says he doesn't see a rise in white nationalism in the world despite the racially motivated terror attack. I don't really I think it's a small group of people that have very very serious problems. I guess if you look at what happened in New Zealand, perhaps that's the case. I don't know enough about it yet. The president noted he'd not yet seen the manifesto that the accused New Zealand shooter left behind the MC is reporting that Michael Jackson's only daughter Paris Jackson is in the hospital after attempting to commit suicide. Authorities reportedly responded to the twenty year olds Los Angeles residents early Saturday morning DMZ says that sources say she slit her wrists, but she's in stable condition family. Sources reportedly say the incident is largely due from the fallout from the controversial documentary leaving Netherland documentary alleges that Michael Jackson sexually abused underage boys. Well, the Democrats not holding back in their weekly address criticizing the Republicans and the president about healthcare coverage among other things I'm Senator Bryan shots from Hawaii. Now, I know this is the democratic weekly address. And we're supposed to say the things that are good for Democrats in battle Republicans. But it's true. Republicans really are coming after your Medicare, Medicaid, this isn't a campaign slogan or an overstatement. It's right there in the budget that the president released this week. It's got one point five trillion dollars in cuts to Medicaid and eight hundred and forty five billion dollars in cuts to Medicare. And what's interesting is that these cuts add up to about two point three trillion dollars, which is literally the same amount that the tax cuts at the Republicans just gave to the wealthiest Americans last year. They lost two point three trillion dollars in revenue because they gave a fourteen percent tax cuts to corporations and seventeen billion dollars worth of tax cut. What's so the wealthiest Americans? And so now they're trying to pay for it by going after your healthcare. The president's budget also has other cuts that are totally unacceptable. Twenty five billion dollars from social security two hundred seven billion dollars from federal student loan programs two hundred and twenty billion dollars from programs that feed the poor and one third of the entire budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. And so this budget makes very clear the difference between Democrats and Republicans Republicans are all about tax cuts. And paying for it by cutting healthcare and Democrats want to expand health care coverage. Invest in students and protect the air, we breathe and the water that we drink. It's that simple. Thanks for listening. The opinion of the Democrats in their weekly address Pearl Jam guitarist. Mike mccready is casting some doubt on whether any new music will be coming from that band anytime soon in an interview with Rolling Stone McCreadie said the band hasn't done anything since they were on tour last year. And there are no current plans to do. So he added that he'd love to do something. In the meantime, McCreevy's music can be heard on a new documentary called the gift that journey of Johnny cash. Brian shook reporting twenty four seven news, the news you want when you want it on KOMO news. I'm Paul Jackson..

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