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Is. Kind of a weird space here because obviously with the beginning of the metoo movement with Weinstein and Ronin ferris article and over the last year, we've seen a respected, and and and understanding of what it's like to be a victim of sexual assault in this society for women. So it's with a little bit of pause that I talk about you know, what do we do to the for the people who have committed these crimes, and I say at a large picture in mind in other words. Sexual assault and sex crimes. Have that one of the highest rates of recidivism of all crimes robberies number one right murders way down at the bottom. Interestingly, and but sexual assault is one that we have to figure it out. Because for whatever reason, it's you know, I think the best thing is to stop it long before it ever starts, right? Yeah. I mean, just like you said educating men, young boys and Jackley. But when I look at somebody like Cosby Cosby's down the road and gone. But every day we sentence people who committed sexual crime sex crimes, and we just throw them into the jungle that is that is our state and federal prisons anything really, you know, we might. I mean, there've been everything over the air from ever moving their testicles, which doesn't work because once you reach maturity, you can still have sex just can't reproduce people understand that if like stratas who are the the the people he's just saying for the Vienna. Boys choir. They had there's movement removing. They were children. So their voice should stay high. They've learned this stuff over the years and trying to trying to stop sex crimes. But my question is is like are. We really do. We really care so much about the victims. We should care about the future victims too. And that that would apply to any kind of sentencing. So yeah, I mean, I think the department of corrections and rehabilitation does not focus at all on rehabilitation. I don't think that that's our first. I mean, I I'm not saying it's easy to run a prison. And I I'm sure there are programs inside. But but exactly I think it's overcrowded. Yeah. I've been I went to Folsom prison, and I did a reporter up in Sacramento. You just look around. And you don't know, where's the rehabilitation supposed to happen? I did a comedy show a lorden, which is a federal prison located actually in Virginia outside of Washington DC, and they told us not to curse and there's like two hundred and fifty hardcore I came up there. And I said, hey, they told me not to African curse, and they all laughed because they realized that controls that are put on them and nothing is there to help them. And again, I know people are going screw them. And I understand that. But that's not going to help us as as a whole. This is a deep and long sort of conversation. But watching Cosby and watching the vitriolic hate that is being sent his way. And I know, you know, obviously for women and those who go I get it. I'm just saying, you know, this is probably the best in the hardest time to actually talk about these other things our freedom is eight hundred eight let's go down to San Mateo say Jim eight thousand eight eight ten eight carried away. Wait and see what happens probably nothing. Jim you knew that. Because you just called. You know? I think you're right. I think that the Whiteside. He looked at it. Detour to other people today the crime, but I think you're right. I think that the overlook a lot of things like large part of it is a big part of it is overlooked. Look didn't. You'll find a lot of people have mental health problem. A lot of people could never learn to read and write a lot of them are children. There's a whole budget issues are overlooked, but I want to say one more thing. And that is there is a strong connection between Bobby. And also with me to move it with Cavanaugh. Kellyanne Conway yesterday was on. This was something happen when he was in high school. Younger than high school feel about that play in high school. So you get a free pass. The point the problem that you can't train men today. You have to train the children babies when they're born the men they ask to be taught from day one that women are not they're they're placing objects. They are to be respected, and you have to bring it up with a child as they grow. Once. You get you know, sixteen seventeen eighteen it's too late. How many how many of us fix our roof on a sunny day? No, you're right. You're absolutely right. Absolutely. Right. But that's where it starts because I've seen it over. And I'm seventy years old. I seen it over and over again where men you know, we'll cannot. This and that and I'm sorry, and I'm a little bit embarrassed to be a man right now. Because I know how they are. I'd been in the army I went to college I've been high school, and I've been professional business. And I know how men are in so many so many or like that. This conversation. GM? I can say you sound like a pretty decent one. Thanks for the call. But he brings up a good point about. How men are already the way. They are. I mean, yes, men can change. They can learn about writing them all off you had to start with their kids and boys. But it also makes it difficult to instill it in boys. When are still so many men that just don't see what's wrong. So they're getting conflicting messages, and that's why people to meet human needs to end. Now, we need to keep the pedal down because this is a societal change record women aren't perfect, but we're not talking about anything else right now except sexual assault. Right. And so just I know because people here you say about men, but what we're saying is is that in was far sexual assault. I I don't know what percentage of one percent involved women attacking men, but that's pretty much it. And you know, we've given you the numbers before ninety nine out of one hundred this is the center for disease control ninety nine of one hundred women that go to authorities. Don't get a resolution in court, and then the thousands and thousands. Thousands of women that don't report it. We've had been at twenty people call us in the last two weeks saying that they were salted. And it didn't get reported Brennan. What's the answer when it comes to prisons? I could tell you my time is a parole agent at crush officers. I don't have a perfect answer. However, the fact of the matter is that everyone coming out of the state prison or county jail is basically going to be one of your neighbors, and you have to decide what kind of job, skills and social skills social skills. Those people are going to have when they're coming out. And so that's the irony as a taxpayer you're paying so much money year to house these people, but for a long term investment to protect to prevent having future victims like you said, you're better off trying to treat. You treat them respectfully some job, skills and social skills. What we call pro social behaviors that they might not have had growing up. Politician wants to set him. He goes, I don't want kids living at anywhere near schools, and I go, you know, they have cars that can drive by the school. I mean, it's like it's the way they think the narrow way they think that they can solve problems is laughable. Right. Yeah. And it's you know, I can't speak for the California Department corrections. I worked out of state for a number of years, and it's gonna bury what kind of programs are there. But the altered out there that the possibility for change you have to at least have that opportunity. Presented itself. You have to give these people committing the crimes the ability to try to change, otherwise you're just going to end up with more victims down the road. I think you're right. And appreciate the call and taking the time to do that. More your phone calls. And we'll again, this is I think this is one of these things when you see Cosby go out going out and handcuffs like that. I know that there's two distinct feelings, and you can actually have both of them you can be angry at him, and you can feel bad for him. Because what happened? That's that is not something you see often in America to have that emotion. But that's important. We'll get to more of that coming up. That's Nick Hamptons Keijo.

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