Serban, Martin Van Buren, Facebook discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


With choosing not the person in either case but in the instead in the ideology that you believed in the the ideas or the issues that they believe in trying to align yourself with one of those are the other and you were stuck with that but in the middle of that there's people that actually are are enthralled with the with the quality of their either one of those character which is just astounding to me it is astounding that you would really look at either one of arms character and go oh my gosh that is just a for jewish person he complete bought you've gotta be kidding me yeah it's amazing people just loser i mean now i have friends who you know if you don't say that trump is most wonderful man that's ever lived the you know an end that all everything negative that serban said about him is alive they won't hardly speak to you anymore that's absurd subservient and i am no other people feel strongly about hillary and that's absurd site just people have lost their minds i here i don't know where this ah twenty four seven news cycle were these things channels just constantly trying to drum up ratings by making you angry at the other side but it is in regardless of that you're still responsible for your critical thought so you know what what is all that come from the less government interferes with private research the better for general prosperity martin van buren interesting oh thing is interesting to me i was thinking about this morning the people that are so against capitalism and r four this wealth inequality movement generally call themselves progressives and the people that run facebook i think we can all safely say they're progressives and the people that run amazon i think we can all safely say they're progressives um i mean by social worker bird right people running apple i think you can safely say that progress has people were and go guangqi to save we say their progressives liberals three four of the biggest most controlling companies in the world and very successful provide incredible i do business with ivory mother i mean they're they provide incredible service and we work with gugel we work with apple products we work with.

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