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I thank you nephew. Subject from versus all right sub. Jagd want to be in this wedding. Okay dear stephen shirley. I've been asked to stand with my friend in his wedding. I'm a female. So i can't be groomsmen but i'll be at his side at the wedding. Why am i not a bridesmaid you ask. The future wife is controlling. And she doesn't want him to keep any of his female friend. My friend and i are so close that he'll officiated my wedding and now he and my husband are the best of friends. I've had mixed feelings from the beginning about this wedding so it's no secret that i don't think it will last. Here's why my friend has a habit of putting up with selfish whining women and then runs to me when they get too unbearable. She's the worst one he has been with so far. She doesn't seem to like any of our friends who are married and have better things to do than coddle her and beg her for her friendship. She's talked crap about all of us and my friend will tell us in an indirect way so we just avoid her at all costs despite him spending all this time with her and her two kids. He can't spend time with his niece and nephew without her. Getting an attitude he also wants at least one child of his own and she's told him she doesn't want any more children. He said she's jealous because she doesn't have the one friend and she's not close with her sister. I told him that to red flags because it means she's hard to get along with anything. I tell him falls on deaf ears. I want him to see that he's making a big mistake before it's too late. Should i skip the wedding and lose a friend or try to be friend. His wife wants more. I don't want to go anywhere. I'm not welcome. Please held well. I say no. Don't skip the wedding. Just don't be in the wedding all right. Don't do it okay You will be miserable. And i'm gonna tell you this you're not a bridesmaid because you're his friend not hers so tell your friend. You're going to be there to support him but you don't feel comfortable knowing that his wife doesn't approve of his friend and all of that and you don't wanna be in that meth and that's all you say about his wife because if she's as bad as you say she is he'll find out sooner or later unfortunately it might not be before he marries her especially the part about her not wanting any more children. So you want a child but your wife doesn't and you guys have already talked about that and you notice what you're still gonna go ahead with the with the wedding that that's a serious red flag and you should not do all right. I don't know why you still marrying with woman thinking i guess. Perhaps she might change her mind. That probably won't happen. She seems pretty clear of what she does want. Anyway you know. I i still say. Don't skip the wedding. You don't wanna lose him as a friend and my advice to you to be to stay out of their business because you know way too much about what's going on in their business. But i guess he does tell you a lot but just go to the wedding and steered clear of all the foolishness. Steve you know this kinda crazy. Yeah because it gets crazy to begin in so this woman is really good friends which is man. Who's man woman. She doesn't approve but the free and wants her in the wedding. Like surely said. Now you can't be a groom's a bridesmaid. 'cause you not afri end of the bri- so if you're going to be next to him into win what is going to be the best man. I'm i'm stop. What wedding this this cause. I ain't never seen this before. I never seen a woman be a groomsmen. Not saying you can't be. But i never seen it. So if you not o'brien's me but you gonna be next to his side at the wedding as what you just to stand up there what you have. Because you k- wet at tux. Lady a lady groom going for them so she says that your friend they so close that he officiated her win and now he and her husband best friends. Now this latest. She got mixed feelings about his wedding so she don't think it's going last 'cause you free and has a habit to do be putting selfish and wine and women in his life in any run me when they get too unbearable but this one is the worst war so far so the women don't like none of y'all's free who are married and have better things to do in coddle her she talks crap about all of us and then you'll free in this guy tales. Y'all in indirect ways. Was she saying about child. Okay pump pump. Your brakes plod. Why are you doing neck so now you tell your friends your girl that she'll free in what show future wife says about her at everybody else. Bre who side you. You already on your wife to be side. She ain't on your side so what. Hey y'all getting may on the same team let so. Y'all avoid this lady. Now he got. She got two kids he case paying time with his niece and nephew without her. Getting out of this chick right you. And he won't a child of his own and she told him show on them. Oh kid what sally right. What getting married for. Y'all don't want to save things. Y'all don't want the same freeze. Y'all where y'all only same amount of kids hold on. Steve hold that thought. We'll have to have your response coming up at twenty three minutes after the hour subject. I don't wanna be in his wedding all we'll get back into it right after this. You're listening to your show. All right come on stieglitz recap today. Strawberry letter subject. I don't want to be in his wedding well. I'm gonna tell you this letter. This letter is over with just like manages.

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