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Seventy seven WABC it's sentencing day for, Sheldon silver the once-mighty assembly speaker at a. Second trial, this spring. A jury, once again found him guilty of earning nearly four million dollars illegally by collecting fees from cancer research around real. Estate developers prosecutors say he invested those proceeds and collected another million dollars in legal prophets to women are recovering after getting struck by an alleged drunk driver while waiting for a bus in Grammercy the victims ages thirty two and seventy one Radha bus stop on east twenty third street and. Third avenue last night when the SUV jumped the curb the forty one year old driver faces a. DWI charge New York is creating a task force to advise a new effort to eliminate hepatitis c. governor Cuomo is announcing that the state's hepatitis c. elimination task forces the nation's first strategy to rid itself of viral and Infection being exacerbated by the ongoing. Opioid epidemic President Trump is open. To visiting Moscow if formerly invited by Russian President Vladimir Putin the White House saying today Putin had said earlier in the day during a meeting in South Africa that he wants to invite Trump. And that he's ready to visit Washington if conditions all right here's Christy O'Brien with right now traffic from the, raycatena dot com traffic center on the one. Hundred six, hundred sixteenth. Streets accident, rate lanes leaks back to thirty fourth street in down at the upper level under the apartments we've got a. Crash in the right lane twenty five to thirty minutes as upper level fifteen to twenty lower level outbound roadwork on the lower level blocks the bright lane thirty in the Bronx construction on the Bronx river Parkway southbound between hundred seventy four th street and Watson happen that's got the left. Lane closed until three and in corona on the Grand Central westbound your north and boulevard roadwork block. The right lane until three transit no w. trains in both directions no entering north of Queensboro plaza because a person was struck by a train long delays in limited service on q. in our trains also. Southbound Trains, running with delays due to signal problems our next traffic report in about thirty minutes from the raycatena dot com traffic center I'm Christy O'Brien on Seventy-seven WABC. Here's symbol. Sevens Bill Evans with the forecast thunderstorms are starting to fire up now west of the New York, through above eighty and, eighty four now he's starting to crank out ahead of a cold front these will keep moving across. The area this evening the evening commute into tonight probably lasting up until midnight scattered thunderstorms but some will be very, heavy downpours of rain about a half, inch maybe causing some flooding temperature eighty seven tonight these thunderstorms will continue. Could be heavy after midnight they go away the overnight. Low is seventy four sunshine tomorrow the nice day on Saturday warms to eighty six with lower humidity sunshine eighty four on Sunday a really nice day with. A low seventy two this is. Just a beloved or seventy seven WBZ where New York comes to talk all right guys be aware new research chairs all this little. Particulate Mike Scott pick particulate of plastic if he gets into your bloodstream either because you using plastic straws drinking from plastic cups so maybe. Have some plasticizers there in the water system will. Shrink your Sean that's right you Sean will become microscopic we'll have to put it under a red dotted microscope in order to. See your three p. set and I'm not talking about the. Knife fish moon in the fourth so what are. You gonna do if you end up with a small swung as, result of having too much plastics in your system you're going to have, to pump up the volume and get your. Testosterone in gear or you won't have that urge. To merge I'm telling you you do what I do I get 'em drive detest Austrian supplement right over the counter at Dwayne. Reed you can get yours..

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