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The worst of all he winds complains and uses as a crutch the pressure of playing in new york city i'm sure that mickey callaway is a nice man i'm in fact i i i get the feeling he's a nice manatees and man but he's all wrong for new york he's the wrong kind of the manager for these new york mets i just i i i was floored by the comments of calloway floored by them and then you talk about that play on sunday with jay bruce and luis gil your may i mean again little league teams execute that play properly here's jay bruce a veteran major league player the game should have been one nothing cubs go into the the bottom of the ninth instead of the two nothing as it turned out to be the final the cubs never should have scored that second run here's bill you're going out on the fly ball the shallow right here's bruce coming in with all his momentum coming in on the flight walter shallow right what does verse do he let's kill your may take knowing that kill your maze momentum is moving away from the play instead of bruce coming in on the play i i don't care what he's gotta say to louis punch louis gourmet in the face knock them out to make the catch and keep the runner at third base you do not under any circumstances especially a veteran player like jay bruce you do not allow him to make the to have gil your may make that play and the water scores from third easily the runner crab home from third for crying out loud crawled home and then what i did calloway saying post game about that even more frightening commentary well you know we're seeing more and more listen to this this is his logic see again i don't think enough is being made of this i really don't i don't know if this points to the software media in new york city i don't know i don't know i don't get it though i really don't get it calloway explains in the post game well we're seeing more and more infielders make that play what in who's world i'm what team no way folks all wrong for this market all wrong the batting lineup batting out of order snafu in cincinnati a couple of weeks ago his inability to listen to most another frightening aspect of calloway is inability to manage a pitching staff and one of the things that i liked when the mets broaden callaway listen i thought that the guy new baseball i thought that the guy would bring a fresh appeal of the the sort of some new thinking some innovative thinking to this ball club and the ability to manage a pitching staff as he served as the right hand man in the pitching coach capacity for the indians under terry francona for several years this guy couldn't manage a corner fruit stand in the bronx as far as we're in queens in this case couldn't manage a corner fruit stand as far as i'm concerned and did kim manager pitching staff has no feel for the game has no instinct for the game thank goodness westworld was on sunday night thank goodness just a terrific episode of westworld on sunday night and before that i watch game two of the nba finals with the cavs and the warriors that kind of made me forget about the mets calloway and these frightening scaring absolutely alarming comments that came out of his mouth after that game on sunday calloway is lost cam away is all wrong for this market then throw in a couple of days before that he went where you never go as a major league manager you don't go there was a major league manager you don't go there is an nfl head coaching nhl coach an nba coach you never never capital letters across never all in caps you never mentioned a players contract as calloway did speaking of.

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