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And so that means that buds the way they move the ball from side to side, get guys moving with an advantage, get guys in the blender. I mean, that's where Quincy got a lot of those concepts was. From coach button plane with space being to catch the ball on the move on the second side, get right into the lane with overwhelming physicality that he has. I think he can have your really, really good year this season, and we'll be talking about him in a different way. At the end of this year, I believe assuming that he can stay healthy, which you did all of us. I thought about putting Malcolm Brogdon on this list for very similar reasons. In case disappoints brogden could could get back to that level and actually may be pushed Bledsoe out a little bit just because they're both free agents coming here and he's going to be demanding money as an unrestricted free agent and the other one, we're recording this on Wednesday during the day. I'm very excited to watch Milwaukee. Milwaukee game tonight might be a single preseason game. I most excited see that are Dallas one of their games to see LUKA and one of the other ailments Yoenis because I still feel like there's untapped potential with honest offense and defense, and so, but gets that I think there's another level that he can go up might not be fair to call him a breakout Kennedy. 'cause I mean, I had gone. It's the MVP discussion for most of last season, but I thought. About it. My next guy is Germany, lamb, germy lambs, age twenty six season. And the big reason why is because gyms Brigham, the new head coach has been playing him as a starter and what that means for Jeremy lamb is that he can play more consistent with Kemba Walker and as as supporting talent is actually kind of a parallel with his aunt. Somebody else I'm going to talk about as my fourth guy, supporting talents who they play with, especially at the point guard primary ball handler job as incredibly important because they get better shots. It changes their opportunities in so lamb. If he starts for the Hornets will be not only playing with superior point guard, but also generally with a more space floor and just more cogent lineups out there and with Brig wants to run a little bit more which Stephanie good and shoot more so lamb. For example, last year he did have a much lower usage when Combo's on the floor, but he wasn't more efficient player and obviously their offense was much better because their offense was dumpster. Fire comes Kemba, Walker was on the floor. So I think this could be a good year for him. I like Jeremy lamb. I've liked him for a long time, and I think defensively. Could fit in a little bit better because they were going with these weird lineups with g. and boom and Marvin altogether. And so those guys can all play, but it didn't fit perfectly. I think lamb could actually make those lineups fit a little bit better because k. g. was a little bit of a hat on a hat defensively, and then offense. We had all those negatives. His role is going to be reduced. Land quietly played better. That's Spencer Percy talked about a lot. We did the hornet preview. My next guys is going to be another one of these guys whose great last year, but I think could send it even another plane. That's Nicole Yokich now is the unquestioned leader of the nuggets offense, recipient of that near max contracts got a few incentives in there, but the way that he played in the last month of the season a year ago, not grant those sets or as little bit fluky, but he's looked amazing in preseason so far again against a Laker team that doesn't really have anyone to slow down. But I think the way he shot the ball from three point range, he is on pace to have maybe the best passing career ever as a big band..

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