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Yeah i remember when we when we met all of them he he had the most to say out of ever ever want like when we're we're on the track suits he's like where did you get these i'll uh i'll i'll let the office now i wanna be a sponsor i want to take time uh i just want you to why guy again be also on his instagram uh that's it just that's the that's it than i then i threw myself into the the gulf and then all of a sudden like cut to a few months from now it's you tunnel hashi in mci's sitting on the front steps of the discord house allies you in his thing donnas he's doing his thing and there's is van from them at all smilin' at ease both hands up during the during the yanni on on like you you did matt who's your favorite wrestler mr wrestling johnny gargano yup however harrell of a fucking performance if he gets that cell dialed in is going to have you for life i mean it was it was just the only negative i could possibly muster up on it yeah but i mean no complaints nothing but praise for the i really like that show but uh that match was um one of those fucking matches yeah and you know new japan annexed team royal rumble all of it that was the best match of the weekend for me you know foreign aware the hard to argue that oh but you're going to try that oh you're going to travel another you're going to pull at classic brian alvarez well i hate to be that guy but i'm going to be that guy maya that's i am yes it's a gimmick.

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