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Brown henderson. Turns gives it to Holyfield and he is bottled up in the backfield and push back for a loss. Bohannon. Jake Carter, Chris oats Allen. Kentucky. So I have. Reset the game. Three thirty six three six three thirty six to play. Block a field goal. Good. He could get a missed field goal is still have a prayer. He makes this year. Yeah. I mean, they that was what do they take over with the about nine minutes left on the clock. Yeah. The clock searches online line has been impressive defense. And he's got to get back. They were doing September with as controlling the line of scrimmage is rolling out the big rushing totals of any sale. Davick Gabriel again, I'm on Wagner in their Tom. And he just talked at a referee to make sure they knew what he can do trying to block the spills all the big guy as with Nate lockers. Remember on the wall? Seven. Star basketball player award. Oh, great football player. It's going to be a thirty nine yard field goal attempt. Inside the left hash Mark Blankenship, fourteen out of sixteen on the season. Snap. And he got it away. And it's good. And so at three thirty two to play Georgia. Chad's the lead to thirty four seventeen seventeen three thirty two left to play in the game. Scored on its first possession for Stephen do that all season against Kentucky. And they've never looked back. Was first touchdowns drive covered. Only twenty three yards because sixty five yard punt return. That drive was ten plays. Fifty four yards and five and a half minutes. Weekly TV show at the UK sports network coming up tomorrow on the lead kY t in Lexington at eleven thirty AM. Elsewhere, check, your local listings four billion information and here times in your area. Get the coral was the host with coach stoops the Gabriel produces what's up tomorrow gave Jeff talk with a coach about the catwalk and Jeffey obviously appreciation. So does the players. We also talk a little bit with the players about the video boards on up in New York City. I didn't hear the end of that. But yeah, we talked to him about video boards up in Times Square in New York City. They love it. And they really feel humbled by Tom. That was really cool to see those pictures for over time square etched Daniel, Jon Allen. There is a high kick bo- VIP maternal and finally a yard deep across the fifteen years left with the twenty gets outside across the thirty tackled from behind. At the thirty six yard line accounts. Georgia. Either changed their strategy or just tired and didn't hit that one. Well. Either way Kentucky as its best field position of the day. That started drive after a Georgia store. There are thirty six Georgia has scored all four of its drives in this half. Touchdowns in the first two two field goals on the last two. Terry Wilson, go to work from the shotgun. True receivers each way. Twenty-five left. Retreats Saudis that Bouvier those out of bounds. Forty one yard line for data five to get a safe short pass in Georgia trying not allow Kentucky the deep pass here. Safety's very deep in a two d second down five. Rolling down inside three fifteen. Stunting brought pressure scrambles left. Dumps it off it's complete that AJ. Rosie makes us equal. Catch. Down to the Georgia forty seven yard line. Great play. Thereby Terry's flushed out of the pocket and AJ releases office block only got it though. A lot of poise there did we'll see did shot put into doing. Down to the Georgia. Forty seven picked up twelve loves this. Went ahead. The rose who slips and falls down at the Georgia. Forty four yard line. There was pressure coming again and instead of getting sack he just lobbed it over like a jump shot AJ rose. It's down to the forty four. So you got three seconds seven. Two White House each way dropping again the pressure. He backed up he throws a crossing pattern. It's caught. Baker down to the forty yard line. But he didn't get the first down. So the clock. Keep going picked up four third and three completed four consecutive passes. But only to twelve o'clock rolls get short passes. Just not letting them get down to receivers wide each. Wave will Kentucky. Wilson drops guns at nearside has got comrade tiptoeing down goes out of bounds. The thirty one of Georgia nine yard gain. And a first down say play they use for the touchdown run the outside receiver DP does about a six sharp out pattern. Fifty nine clock starts ticking. Again, receivers light each way from Georgia thirty one. I intend Kentucky sorta comes with a blitz. Wilson in trouble Balza down scrambles authors, right? He's got a lot of room. Cross the twenty-five headman the sidelines. Can't get to the stick goes out of bounds at the twenty two yard line. They just ducked down under a rush and sprinted off to the far side. And there was a lot of room. Yep. Got eight or nine yards out of that again trying to go little deep, but that he's able to slide three he is so fast. Second. I your quarterback. So he's getting a lot out of this. Even though they're not gonna win the game. Receivers wide each way. Terry Wilson from the shotgun. Scruff straight back steps up. Fires or the middle of diving catch by comrade inside hang on. Web on the coverage. CJ stretched out. Go got his fans under the hang on ball touches the ground pops out incomplete. Third one kid. Made a few of them. So one thirty nine to play clock stopped thirty four seventeen Georgia. But he. Get some more points on the board in the final minute change. Two receivers each way Wilson drops flyers quick slant. Of course throws of the day of the L behind boat. That was just a bad pass at time. And what happened there, Tom? He tried to go across his body. You've got to just like a pitcher you have to step to your target at throw not just throw it with all arms crossed his body in the ball tales away from him yet theories twenty three twenty nine. For two hundred twenty six yards his fourth and one here handed off the rose. Is it trouble in the backfield bubbles? Right. A pitch tried to do that on purpose. This. Now. Techies got some issues to fix in his run game before going down to Tennessee next week. All you do more than one and I couldn't get last week. And they couldn't get this would all you needed was a yard. And you could not get it. That he was owning the line of scrimmage back in September. But not anymore. Georgia will take over at his own twenty six yard line. Just a minute thirty to play. Johnston run out the clock now. Punch their ticket back to Atlanta for the SEC championship game. And they'll learn their opponent tonight when Alabama LSU play down at death valley who you got Alabama. More shock to be the champ. You gotta beat the chance. I don't think you're rather be. Take from. Very efficient day for the quarterback position gives it to swift of the jet sweep running left. He's ready for it this time and a stopping after a gain of five yards. Mike Edwards making the tackle. And Tom I'll go one further. I don't think it's going to be close. Jake borough is decent quarterback. But I think Alabama will lay it as you tonight. A minute. I don't know the time yet or Kentucky's game at Tennessee next week. The final conference game. Susan. Victory formation. Georgia lines up. The creek formation. Take the snap. Nobody had scored more than twenty points all season against Kentucky. But Georgia has come in today. The very impressive in hanging up thirty four on mother s defenses in the country. Georgia fans. At left and number of Georgia fans here now they get to celebrate the sidelines empty Georgia is top dog and he SEC east once again. With a thirty four seventeen win over the Kentucky. Wildcats here at Kroger field. Come back start post game after this time out on the UK sports network..

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