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You know, the thing is about that is, and I'll tell you we're dealing with that we dealing with that right now, you know, when my sixteen year old and a high school, and where the problem starts people have their opinion about why licensed in the game it starts at high school. And I'll tell you these coaches play these kids that shouldn't be playing and he black kids and sitting on the bench and not playing when their better players better athlete, and it's the political game. If the pay to play if I paying the play on travel ball team, then they you know, they're not lend some kids come out for the high school team. I had to go speak on the behalf of a friend of mine that hit they wouldn't let us come to trial because he didn't play on the coaches travel Balkany. And that's the problem. That is not what baseball's should be about Gary Sheffield, my man, thanks so much joining the podcast. And again, you have my baseball hall of fame vote as. Long as you're on the ballot. Appreciate you, man. And and and and and continue success, but. It's time for the pocket protector. Centrum the analytic numbers you need to know. Well, maybe f s one's Anthony math Thurston is his name and Bs analytics is game. What you got for me? Anthony all right today. We're getting some welcome to the pitchers specifically the ones who rack the strikeouts and keep the ball in the ballpark. There's a stack called stip or fielding independent pitching that works just like ERA. But as explained the name, it takes a pitcher defense out of the equation dip, it gives you a great real pitchers performance of what they can control strikeouts walks it by pitches and home runs while not penalizing them for poor defense behind them. But the ERA doesn't do. Now, the wartimes of batter puts the ball in play the west control pitcher has on the outcome of that at that. So a pitcher with a high strikeout profile is going to fare much better when it comes to fifth now, it's no surprise the last year. The Mets Jacob degrom led the league in fifth with one point nine nine Mark, actually. Higher than Ziara last year one point seven zero. He was ridiculous, but he had a common thread with the rest of the leaderboard the top five stip last year. All struck out more than ten batters through nine innings walked fewer than three per nine innings and allowed west than a home run per game. It was two grand Trevor Bauer Patrick Corbin. Max Scherzer and Garrett Cole not bad company. Right by the way, top sixteen in fifth last year. One ninety plus games, lower your fifth increase your winds..

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