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W x TV HD to Clearwater. Good morning. I'm Chris Tranq Man. Our top story at nine o'clock The man accused of killing a Hillsborough County sheriff's deputy earlier this year, will not face the death penalty. Travis Garrett still faces first degree murder charges after prosecutors say he deliberately rammed his vehicle into Sergeant Brian Levine's patrol car back in January. The mine was just one shift away from retirement when he was killed. Hillsboro State Attorney Andrew Warren has issued a statement saying while the charge against Garrett is appropriate because it was a deliberate and premeditated act against a law enforcement officer. That fact by itself, he says, is not enough to justify the death penalty. Reid SHEPHERD NEWS RADIO W F L A Florida's education commissioner has given the hills for a school board until May 12th Come up with a permanent plan to fix the longstanding financial crisis or face a state takeover while the district staring at $100 million budget Hole board member Nadia Comb says they should be getting covert relief money from the state. And here we are talking about that we are behind are we need $100 million, but we are owed $585 million State Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran says the school district can't use that money because it's just a one time allocation. It's been a long wait for a group of Vietnam and Korean War veterans from Polk County. But the flight of honor finally took off from Lakeland Linder Airport on Tuesday. The flight helps those who served our country to visit memorials in their honor in Washington. It was originally scheduled for last spring but was called off because of the pandemic, organizer Gary Clark tells news Channel eight. It's important that we are able to do this and give these people.

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