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Sort of jurisdiction you don't actually the title I'm going guys we as from animal care and control inside the look I only do dogs and cats you go first call in their union registered deputized go get him jul my alligator and there's some like top he's been on the force for thirty years with a six shooter gone this is my time to shine all right well we're gonna check in an alligator Bob and find out what's happening in the humble park logo it is weird man I mean people get diseases pets and then they let him go I think this is a crock they're gonna find out this is a crock this is not an alligator and a crocodile meat crocodile or just the stories of Chrono into Crocco dial okay yeah Crockett democratic yeah yeah and so it when it's when it's in the when they when they pull this thing out and the crowd you know chronic is a you know you want to master the crack alligator just given Ambien and you just walk away from god all right all right you've been eating at four PM yeah good luck to you what channels that but that's on channel new MA okay I can because I never know what channel these things are right now maybe call IT god the WGN news he brought you by Linda into me and fireplace a hostage situation in south suburban pose an ended peacefully this afternoon a man believed to be armed was holding a mother and her baby hostage inside a home after the man and woman got into an altercation about an hour later the mother and baby were released and soon after that the man was taken into custody president trump says his administration will examine labor secretary Alex a cost as role as a then US attorney in negotiating a wide secret plea deal avoiding federal prosecution for billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein more than a decade ago more top Democrats including presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and come all I hear is are calling for a cost to go at seen faces new sex trafficking charges here's something you don't hear everyday crews are searching a humble park lagoon after police received reports of a possible alligator in the water police notified animal control but it has not been confirmed this is a legitimate call as of yet and now WGN sports here's Kevin have a bit of a surprising trade for the Blackhawks today acquiring forward Alex Neil enter from the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for defenseman Henry okay how are you the lander spend most of the C. R. last season the HL he was the eighth overall pick in the twenty sixteen trap talks of a quite a quite a bit of depth on the blue line this off season I could have blocked yogi how are you from playing time baseball's best battling Cleveland tonight in the ninety S. all star game will second terrace and have you buy as will get the start for the nationally club will Kris Bryant also making the team three white Sox are in at Lucas cheerleader James McCann and Jose a break you first pitch just after seven it's time for finding a home in the big leagues sponsored by the village of Bedford park building for the future Louise Robert the white Sox top prospect will make his triple a debut Thursday night with the Charlotte knights robber batting three forty nine with sixteen homers between single and double A. this season and at Wimbledon Serena Williams advancing to the.

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