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Of rising back to your comment yes to gino tan did you know the song that came in there a half of the show you have erika weber the king a dream rider no napping tony she didn't even know him zilina 'camorra from the wwe mind i didn't totally now the group was one of the greatest entered music's in the last five years the european have you been watching your wwe are you up to date on what's going on i'm still a little behind okay i need to catch up on the latest monday night on but why i wanted to say sorry really disappoint me i'm like i'm on point guy i go home on monday nights and i watch this thing at like 930 and i watched the whole thing at three hours and then i'll go to sleep it's ridiculous how to ross last thirty five days or so okay i ha had to dive back into my dvr and really get refocus this is my focused on for a while after the show i'm going to give you my w w network passwords so you can catch up by your solid serd have the problem is i don't have internet in my pocket direct tv and they're partnered with at t universe but they don't wanna have at t verse in my location it's called cox oh my goodness really descends flyers on duty will what if i just get it like a one of those why wifi hotspots like unionized uri well that work i don't know what the quality of the strategic john if you don't have internet in your place or apartment near a dinosaur your fled fred flintstone it's ridiculous and it's disappointing because now even on my dvr i can't even rewind and watch the show suddenly beginning because i don't have internet it's all may i can't go to late on demand it's just it's just ridiculous it's hideous it's already is it's dudes this is no way maria.

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