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Sargus today as the host of one of our favorite youtube channels the brain scoop which is hosted at the field museum in chicago and it just made too much sense to have her on today because she's taught is so much about crazy cool animals emily grassley welcome to parttime genius thank you for having me from so emily i think you have one of my favorite job titles you're the chief curiosity correspondent at the field museum which kind of sounds like you just get to sit around and ponder things but soaps or what exactly does this mean yeah so you know i love my title and in my primary role museum of course you know writing in producing in hosting the educational youtube videos about natural history in the work in research of the field museum but really you know it is kind of my job to hunter around the museum in fine chemical stories of of interesting to help shape those science stories in in any kind of way that a cancer i do a lot of public speaking in a lot of outreach in a lot of uh community engagement type thing for the field museum and yeah i mean i i'm usually there corresponding mac here yasser these are some words is served so this episode where combining the real abilities of real animals to build the ultimate animals superhero and we wanted to hear if you have any favorite animal skills our talents that you could tell us about oh my gosh film man you know like our human real strong ability is our brain right like it it we're actually pretty limited in like physical prowl with just innately of course i'm not like talking of out you know olympic athletes but the one good the physical trade that being by pete all in with the respiratory system that we have we can run really long distances right look we can outrun almost any animal and endurance wise.

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