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Com. I wish I could leave this review anonymously. But people know, it's me, but I'll be honest, Stu was perfect. I don't have a single criticism for the guy. How could I dare to criticise a hot take master? Not only were his takes significantly hotter than anyone on the show. Including myself, but you also somehow found a way to go. I every time which having been on around the horn, dozens of times, I don't think has ever been accomplished. Typically, you go around the horn, and it rotates since the name it was really more like around the stugatz. Which would be a good show. I said at the end of the show I wanted to have him back. I wasn't joking. I meant it. He makes the show better. Just like he makes literally everything he does better. All right. Thank you. May know, I think reality nail that. Like, he nailed exactly what it is that it was going to say, by the way. Check out the meantime show, featuring her dog plenty it's a laboratory and friends a podcast network. You can subscribe rate and review. Please subscribe rate review because is the best. She's fantastic or football knowledge is as good as anyone networks authentic. You produced that podcast, right? I do. And who does she have on this week? She has Spencer hall of Eden SP SP nation. They focused a lot of their conversation on draft talk. And she says that drew lock this. Quarterback from Missouri has a fifteen percent chance of being a good quarterback in the NFL. And he's probably gonna go in the first round of fifteen percent chance fifteen. Yes. Fifteen percent percents. Okay. Do you? Listen to her podcast. Now, you are a mother, I let's go to Sarah Spain. What what it Sarah sarahspain have to say about my performance. This is going to be wordy. Right. We a lot of words you're gonna blast me Sarah, Spain sarahspain, what did she have to say about my performance on around the horn, Stu gods on around the horn, a dream realized a life spent in pursuit of a goal that finally came true. Of course, it was April Fools, and it meant absolutely nothing in the show was completely off the rails and Woody paid scored about as well as I would have in second grade with rudimentary understanding of numbers points, and how games work, but that being said, I think stugatz was a champion in all the ways that stugatz is interrupted people. He didn't realize when he was being muted and continued to talk and didn't know none of us could hear him. So that when he became unneeded in yelled out. I said that we all had to inform them the commercial breaks than we know couldn't hear it because he was muted in the end. He got destroyed by his good pal. Woody who he tried to pay off the commercial break via van mo- with the old okeydoke sending Meena to the FaceTime instead of him despite him feeling like he was cruising to victory. You can't win under I try, and I really think that Stu gods was made for the show assuming that he can get his fiery hot takes into more bite size pieces that he can follow directions. Do hard work and prep study the topics. Engage responsibly and respectably with the other who am I kidding all the things I've named art things. That's that's can't do know. This is this is not a good fit for him, a wild horse cannot be tamed and stugatz needs to live and run free at stupidity. And the Dan lebatardshow was stugatz with the occasional appearance in an ill fitting suit on highly questionable. But I love you, Stu, and if you ever asked me in person if I think you should do out around the horn again. No, I absolutely going to say to your face that that the answer is. Yes. And I miss you every day. Oh, this the gods are strong in that one Sarah. I love you too. Thank you for making me feel right at home, and I will be back and I am coming to that title. Okay. Check out her podcast. That's what she said would sarahspain amino Hassen is your guest this week? Please download review rate. Subscribe all that good stuff. Do it for Sarah support. Sarah support me in supporter dog guy. You shouldn't support his Frank. I saw what are the iceman episode? I would say stoop guts a couple of things number one..

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