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They will. In fact this is the name started tonight cancellation notices are certain validity. And what I'm saying and that is security but it's not because it's A. It's a strange. The only talked one of the things I've said in the book is that the only kind of secured only the insecure people who strive for security. The only kind of security I know about for myself is inner security. It has nothing to do with whether I'm employed whether my book is on the best seller list when I make a lot of money whether my wife loves me and my children living on the security no all the other things nice job. A Nice House of Money and a nice car all those things and it's precisely when those things go away when somebody dies or when your business fails go bankrupt or whatever that people commit suicide or have depression or reach for the volume or become alcoholics or whatever because they're always looking outside of themselves for the answers rather than saying. Hey I count you take off your clothes. You look in the mirror every day and you say you know you do a lot of dumb things but you really cute you know you really an attractive person and you're the only person you got so why not take that person with you wherever you go and make it a nice person. Someone that you really love. Do you think people can turn their emotions on and off like that? That a faucet is I'm going to be cute and charming but I don't feel charming. I don't want to go there. I don't WanNa do that. How do you handle that? Well I think we have to understand the word choice. We are the product of the choices that we make in our lives. The fact if you get angry in your life if you get worried if you're afraid if you're anything like that you know you hear the Hitter Lady told me the other night in a talk that I was given. She said. My husband gave me a complex. I said how does that work does he go out and he said. I'd like one complex police for my wife. Put it in a box. Wrap it up and say this is for you and she had a complex. What thank you very much. I'll just you know as if he did this to her. People do these things to themselves and the they say things like you make me feel guilty. She makes me angry. If you had I wouldn't've act this way right. If only you were more like me than I wouldn't have to be so unhappy right now. These are the kinds of sentences that people are making and there are. Those are all state absolutely. They were just the person I married. Yes you know what? Those people are the same way about love. You said we love the things we love for what they are not for what they used to be what they should be or what. I would like them to be if you if you take somebody where they are. You take them with the points that you don't like about them just as well as the points that you do you try to change points. I if you do then you're not in love you're really somebody who's saying you have to be what? I want you to be. And that's where marriages breakdown relationships breakdown. The cornerstone of an effective relationship to me is independence not dependent but then I always felt that my job on this show once I get added at chairs to sit over here and make sure that the show keeps going by keeping my mouth shut. You want to say something but The lead you to train.

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