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Get a $59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 40 Mike Way do traffic and weather on the units here. W t o P. Jack Taylor's in the W T O be Traffic center. Right out of the ordinary at this point. Besides, all of the inaugural closures will start in Virginia, where we had work overnight that caused some pretty sizable slowdowns. Coming 66 eastbound as you approach in past 50. The good news is all traveling there once again open at 1 23. The work zone through the overnight had traffic detouring off onto 1 23 riding the ramps to get right back on 2 66 all your through lanes. On 66 or open that work zone has now cleared. We also had some activity at Leesburg. It is our scheduled utility work. West Market streets blocked between Loudon and South King Streets Cruise usually there for another couple hours. They usually cleared about 7 A.m. troubles in Maryland had been on the Baltimore Washington Parkway going south. The original issue was reported South bound. After the exit from the deputy marshal. Apparently we may have a vehicle fire and an accident along the left side of the roadway. So just be careful. I think units were also rolling North bound, but I believe all of your activity for now. South bound block in the left lane. There was an overturned tanker truck in Ellicott City. 70 eastbound right in exit 87 for route 29 Ellicott City. You're okay to go south, but apparently they offer him to go north on 29 blocked, as is the right through lane where we have a lot of activity off the roadway. Now you're in pretty decent shape out of Frederick. No worries to 70 were quiet between the Beltway's on 95 looking good on 50 between northeast in the Bay Bridge, obviously the multitude of closures throughout downtown but be aware LaMotta has closed 13 stations inside the security perimeter. Along the red, yellow blue Orange green Silver Lines. Metro Center Gallery Place Fullest on w t o p dot com Marc Trains suspended all service on the pen, Candid and Brunswick lines through and including Wednesday the 20th and V R E trains not operating today. Tomorrow or Wednesday, V. R. E Will friend plan to resume the S scheduled service with ship trains 303 07 on Thursday. Having brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed Forces, D O D veterans and their families are members are the mission. Learn more at Navy federal dot organ Jack Taylor. W T o P TRAFFIC Chuck Bell has our Monday morning forecast morning Mondays off to a dry start for most of the region. There are a few snow showers way up into the mountains. But that's not going to impact the D C Metro area and fortunately, a lot of people have the day off for the doctor King holiday..

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