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I'm Kevin Wells President Trump, officially accepting the Republican nomination for president tonight at the Republican National Convention, while also calling out Kenosha and its Democratic leadership. Earlier this week, protests turned violent over the police shooting of Jacob Lake. The Republican Party condemns the rioting, looting arson. And violence we have seen and Democrat run cities all like Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago in New York and many others. Trump, adding that himself and the Republican Party will continue to back law enforcement in the United States. The accused shooter during protest Tuesday night in Kenosha is facing six criminal counts, including five felonies. Two people were killed another word. Another was injured after being shot 17 year old Kyle Riton house Being charged with first degree intentional homicide, first degree reckless homicide, attempted murder, and, among other charges, he could face a mandatory life sentence if convicted of first degree homicide charge. Governor ever says Outside militias and vigilantes aren't welcome here in Wisconsin, the governor says their presence will only lead to more violence. Outside people primarily running around with long guns, some of them Wanna be a policeman, some of them Anti a recipe for disaster even says it also hampers protesters freedom of speech. Kenosha police say nine people are in custody for criminal activity related to civil unrest. On Wednesday night, officers received a tip about suspicious vehicles with out of state plates. They follow the vehicles to a gas station where the suspects filled up multiple gas cans before heading to the protest. Officers say they recovered helmets, gas masks, illegal fireworks and other controlled substances. Meanwhile, back here in Milwaukee police are investigating after a 58 year old man was stabbed to death this evening around 5 P.m. in the 1100 block of West Greenfield Avenue. According to authorities. They have a 54 year old in custody, according to a news release. The victim was involved in a fight. And was stabbed several times. If you have additional information your US to call Milwaukee Police Department think sports the Brewers get shut out by the rents tonight six to nothing. They split. The Siri's at Eugenia Suarez homered for the Reds. While the Brewers only managed one hit against former teammate Wade Miley. They will get a four game Siri's with the Pirates beginning tomorrow night. First pitch from Miller Park at 7 10 right here on W. T. M. J. W w dot com Time saver traffic.

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