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Welcome back to Kentucky split-screen. My name is Kirk Hamilton. I'm so glad that you're are here. I'm also so glad that my co host is here. That Co host of course is maddy. Myers hello matty Hello Kirk. It's me nice to see and it's only me me that is that's all you get today. That's true so for the next few weeks Jason. China of course is on a leave. He's finishing his book and taking care of his child and living. His distractions no distractions from either of those things noting. This show saying he is distracted by you know like maybe deming us about yeah. No that definitely hasn't happened. We haven't heard from him. It's like John Vanish from the face of the earth. So it's you and me this week. We're doing split-screen. We'll I'll have some guests on. I think over the next few episodes though. We're going to be reading a bunch of listener emails on this episode. which fun be great it is it is going to be great eight you guys yeah? Listeners had a lot of a lot of tales of triumph triumph versus the mall. I'm really excited for them sarcastic. But it's not it was very uplifting to read all these emails so they were good. Hopefully we'll get through all of them on the show but that is for later. First of all we're GONNA talk about the game. We're playing but first a few things did you see. Did you see that Mr Peanut died. I did I did see that. I didn't see anything else about it but I did see that Mr Peanut died and I don't know all right I I you know I so I don't like Mr Pena. I realized this when I saw this I just never liked the guy with this fucking monocle. He just seems kind of like Lord of industry or something right right right. Yeah Down Down with Mr Peanut right dad with brands and their marketing schemes. Exactly what Kirk Hamilton says to all of this. That's me me and I kinda class. They don't believe in the system man. I think this is weird I'm curious now. It raises some questions. This is going to be an answer. Apparently the super bowl I did see. There's a tweet from Patrick Monahan. That's been going around on twitter. Saying Mr Peanut isn't hell. He spent decades as a smiling face of a company that sold the boiled interested corpses of his his people as a snack which is fair. I think accurate so there is that it's always it's it's like how the EMINEM EMINEM's properly terrified at the prospect of it. Don't don't ask me to cite that in any way I couldn't like give you an example of how that's that's true but there's just have an aura about them that says no they're doing it under duress whereas Mr Peanut seemed really happy about Asian anytime the mascot for a thing is the thing that you're going to be eating like this is like A. Oh man okay. I'm thinking this through. I feel like there are M ads. Where the EMINEM 's get scared of being eaten which sort of perverse like whoever pitched that ad campaign must've been like? Don't worry it'll work people don't think about it too hard and they'll still have. Im's uh-huh but I'm thinking about that Chick-fil-a like ad campaign where the cows right where the cows. They're not eaten. Yes yeah man. ADS are weird. You know we could just have a whole show about how weird ads are weird as especially ads for food. I'm wondering what other brands might die like. Do you think that. Like sonic or Mario uh-huh could die. Like Nintendo could just announced Luigi died. I thought gee immediately that's true. You're wasn't technically intentional. That was like part. Take the advertising campaign for Luigi Manchester. It's just funny. And everyone seized upon it and talked about how Luigi so that was a AH chasing her an article right our our. AP Luigi whatever year to twenty one thousand nine or whatever. I don't remember when we was born. I'm sorry I haven't haven't memorized that. Fact isn't Nintendo hundreds of years old. So I think so I think Luigi is like many thousands of years old so it was actually quite sad when he died perhaps kind end of ageless major like an epochal shift early for everybody. I forgotten about Louis Dying. That's a very good point that's similar. There is some video game news. We should probably talk to. There's not a ton of news so we're GonNa talk about games and read. A read mails from people. A couple of pieces of news wellbeing piece of news is another big delay in that. Is that Dying light to again that I'm actually very excited for sequel to the very good dying late one one of those games that sort sort of flew under the radar but is like an excellent game. Just got better and better. Every time I was like for it is now delayed. I think indefinitely. They're just like it's not coming out guys coming coming out in the spring. This thing is hard to make. WE'RE NOT GONNA put a year on it. We're just going to say right. Wait wait for it. You know. It'll be good we promise so. That's another delay. It seemed like it does seem like this. Spring has kind of changed. Yeah like there was it. Was this vibe of like okay with cyberpunk especially hanging over everything this feeling of. Oh God we have this brief three month period to catch up on stuff we missed from last year and then I should just going to go crazy. And it's just GonNa be wild all the way until the Newcastle's come out at the end of the year. Yeah but now. It's maybe not so much that I mean final fantasy and it's kind of like well. Maybe it'll be chilly. Maybe we'll just play do maternal for a really long time really enjoy it really. Enjoy the heck out of Yeah I'm kind of on board with that with more time to play things like I'm enjoying already taking this time to catch up on things and save will be good and then final fantasy I was. It's just like a month and like they can take as long as frigging need on cyberpunk Jillian hours long. It is so yeah. I'm all right with that. I do want to point readers the to another article that will make them feel somewhat conflicted about their favorite hobby. Yeah which is sort of what we're all about here is split. Screen is both celebrating Games. And making you weird about him. The less cool things about how they're made on Jason Publish this good article before he left about crunch and delays days. And how. It's easy to look at a delay and think. Oh Great. Well that means they won't have to crunch and there have been times where I'm thinking. I think maybe Bungee did this. And I don't know if this is like true or not in this specific case but we're developers will say over delaying the game because we don't want to kill all the workers getting done for this but the the truth matter is really that in a lot of cases Jason points out in this article and all the people talk to link this and shuts. It means. You're going to crunch for like this whole in been crunching to try to make the deadline. And now you're gonNA bring you. which is you've yeah so so you know? It's not as simple as that. Obviously also not everyone crunches the same and they're probably times where they say no. We really do want you to not kill yourselves doing this. So hopefully you know as well hopefully what becomes okay for delays to last longer I guess could crunch less even while they're trying to continue to Polish game or maybe we all just accept that games take longer to make are more expensive to make as a result in. That's just not going to happen. That would mean games would be more expensive and that'll never happen. You know I think I started with hopefully maybe I can analysts on a more. No I tried to do it too. I can kind of get their weight. I can get there so so I do think okay. So as the as the audience of like just your average Gamer has has become more aware that a delay is a good thing like every time a game is delayed. Now I'll see people acknowledging like. Oh this is good. This will make better. That's not really tied to labor conditions or anything it's just like an acknowledgement that crunch there. Sorry that delay means the game is going to be better. That is like a shifting perspective among the general populace. And that's nice to see. I would agree with that. As opposed to just the disappointment appointment that I feel like I used to see it would just be like Oh really changed so if that can shift may be other things can shift as well like it is. It's nice nice to see changes any point because I think the way we think about and talk about the way these Games are made is probably doesn't need to change does need to be something. More people are aware of so. That's helpful and and a good article to read so go check out Jason's article about that and one other piece of news. And that is that there is a witcher anime movie coming out on Net flicks and it just discussed about it. You haven't watched the witcher yet. I haven't yet I I would like to. It's good you know why. Why have it be an anime? Why that why? I think it's going to be like a standalone thing like it's just a movie and the show is so good. Why not have it be different? The thing that's animated right. I think the since the show is basically adapting the books and is kind of doing like an existing stolen imagining at some point. They'll go off on their own thing but right. Now they're just book adaptations. I think the movie is going to be a whole original story. Totally separate from the hilarious in and of itself. It's like well we just adapted the witcher. What if we adopted it again in a completely different format but like right away like we're not gonNA wait a couple years? Apparently it's this huge hit for Netflix. Like watching it and people are like. It's like one of their most I think they said it's like their most successful original premier ever which is cool I disliked that the witcher this like ultra through a nerdy thing that I'm really into is now like suddenly in the case like yeah everyone's talking about it like people are really into it and that makes me very happy. They actually released the Song I put. The I played this song. Toss a coin to your which are like gestures behind when I was talking about that last last night but that's is frigging total earworm. It gets smash hit. Everyone is saying yeah including me and I haven't even seen the show catches.

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