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Regular such a hard time so that's the whole point of that moment it is not to make light of 8 or anything bat it's it's a it's a piece of to development and those kinds of things happen in movies all the time without any when thinking that you know certain bad decisions made by characters are being endorse at all i just think people's need to stop comply instantly complaining about things uh just because they're you know seemed to have an impact on you know whatever community they have and it's just people's get data chill out i i just can't imagine what kind of entertainment we would have if you know all the you know this complaint uh outrage uh society that we live in if like you know all the studios listen to all that they would be so we aim in boring in uninteresting and how no i haven't seen peter rabbit but the suspense a stupid to me but um but i'm sure some of you out there rick listened with wide gas will be offended by that um but let's move on a while back we learned that in who is teaming up with a women nation entertainment the people behind the minions movies for an animated super mario brothers movie odds to the question a lot of people are wondering why did nintendo after all these years you know they they've been kind of prudish in there the rights of the mario franchise ends the french why did they team a decide to team up with loom nation entertainment at of everybody bread what do we now uh i mean initially the the short answer is synergy elimination entertainment is based at universal pictures and nintendo had already started working with universal because they're developing a super mario world theme park at the universal studios japan location so they already had a working relationship with universal um but that's exactly how nintendo got hooked up with chris melody andris who is eliminations ceo and so after talking with chris maalat andris um nintendo realized that they might be that limitation.

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