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Zombie. Unanimous decision right on right on getting I think it's gonna be a technical fight. It's going to go all three round. I think any gay beats korean zombie just because he has such good boxing. He beats them the same way. He beat barboza methodically. Picking him apart with the jab and then countering with the right cross and going into the body just completely out. boxing the korean zombie for fifteen minutes I have a game winning by unanimous decision over the korean zombie. All right all right. I gotta i gotta say it's the same. Yeah pretty similar. I just i just think that like yeah eg- eg- will definitely just pick them apart like that. That's it's zombies. Seen a lot of wars and these lost to a lot of good people yup saying that that just been like man that kind of punishment that he's that he's taken you. You can't take that much punishment in your career. You know what i'm saying. Like i just i just don't think he has it anymore and like he's been in most of the time where he's lost is been in that in that manner. You know what i'm saying. So i just don't think he's going to be. Zombies got a lot of miles on man. Yeah yeah yeah so. I i agree by all right right We're into the last three five announces that were made earlier this week. And the first and these are firemen so fucking good. Let's start by talking. Connor and dozen part three. Did we need this. No should they have made a different fight. Yes should be for the title right now. Yes but hey man on the line title can wait. Titles come in no matter what so. I can see why dustin is going for this you know. Why not have a trilogy match with connor. Will you know no matter what you're going to get a towel afterwards. And you're going to pick up a fatter payday this way. Then you would fighting for the bill so kudos to poor gate for pushing this might in getting it I'm interested i. I really don't know what's going to happen. Man i mean. I guess it's really the baldy connor score is the same connor gonna show up from last night. Who was no. There were rumors going around that. He thought he wouldn't fight. Manny cow so he was strictly train. Boxing I don't know it's connor. In the fighting wars con- the game or is connor trying to get back into boxing and get a big bigger eighty or is connor. Just worried about selling whiskey and making hand over fist. Money and not taking punches anymore If the old connor shows up checking kicks lightning vast punch just I i think he can beat dustin man he can easily hands down. Beat the sheet out a dustin. Maybe not like he did when he was a youngster but he can snipe out dustin he can do the same shit dustin. Did this last fight in this next upcoming rematch is that what's going to happen though. No i don't think so. I don't think that connor is going to be able to catch back up to that. Same level that doesn't have been at and dust and have been maintaining because doesn't have and take in no time off doesn't have gone from from the cubby fight to the connor fight to anyone who who he wants to tangle with and he'd be coming out on top every time he's figured out what he's good at and what he's not good at and he waited any more time. There ain't no kaviv out there to stop dustin so connors just going to stand with with dustin and bay and whoever doesn't get hit by a big shot is going to win that match I don't know if doesn't is gonna stand in front of corner swing for the benches you know because he kinda faded connor last night and trick them into thinking that what he was going to do and then started with those and before you knew it it was too much and connor couldn't even stand anymore. Yup i i don't know it's hard for me to count dustin out embedded them I don't see doesn't finishing conner. This time i think cars are going to check those kicks. Connors implement different strategy. But i don't think then she is at the level that he used to be or can match the intensity or level. That doesn't that doesn't pull out a decision. I think it's going to be a good ass by their bulk. Gonna come swinging trying to kill each other But i see or you coming out on top again. What do you think yeah man. I agree with a lot where you said you know what i'm saying like i every time i see conner's name come up for a car. I'm like do a really gonna watch this. You know what i'm saying. Like man and it sucks is i key i do. I wanna watch it but at the same time. It's like like a he. What's he done recently. Man like what will like you said man like what's his focus like it. Just it just feels like he is making payday. And it's just it's not gonna be as an entertaining fight as i wanted to be as it once. Was you know what i'm saying. And like he's he's been losing streak. Like i just don't see him. Winning this fight. I think is going to be more boring. Fight than we saw the last time And for the same reasons that you just mentioned I don't think they're going to try to kill each other. I think is going to be a lot more technical than it was. But i still think that That dustin gonna take it and he'll end up doing going the distance So yeah i just i don't. I'm not really too excited to see it. I'll still watch it. But yeah i'm not like height hyped to watch his fight really So right on all right eddie. What you think. I got i. I'm hoping to see the connor of old the connor that that took out eddie alvarez like a guy in his prime hopefully he learned how to check the kicks and Connor look good in the first round in the second fight he was using chris boxing he was laughing at will but those calf kicks the ones that he just went and check for shit completely threw off his game and He was thinking more about the calf kicks and he was about a orients boxing I noticed I wonder if If pouria will use more wrestling because he landed a takedown in the first by almost. We've been less than a minute of the second fight. No sneaky did poorly fall in love with his boxing. As you gonna try to outbox connor again and not mix it up with the take downs icy that happened way too often. I see pori a chasing another knockout and Connor taking advantage of that. I i see connor checking the kicks.

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