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The end was 4 to 2. I mean, they give him a power play for which we have not to stick out of a guy's hands. They did the same thing doesn't a second period. No call. I mean, so like I mean, okay, get some consistency and where I'm going with this, you know is is the last couple of minutes. If it's 3 to 2, and we're pulling our goalie big. It's a lot to make difference. She's a lot more exciting now for us as a team. We've got to get off to a better start. We can't chase the scoreboard like we did. And also with the refs are horrible when the refs are not good with their horrible whatever or you just happy to get the random bad call. You've got to be able to kill a penalty and killing a penalty. We're just killing a penalty. Where does when you're killing penalty? Where does it start? J Soft J. J. You are on it, man. You are up and I thought that again. I thought they were better on the dock. They're bigger, stronger little. They're older. You know, you could see their experience there. But the bottom line is, you know, I loved our spirit. I feel bad for the guys. I think we got Jobs a little bit, But with that, you know, we have to be able to overcome adversity We have don't be able to overcome Ah, bad call orange or bad officiating. And and because there's gonna be games every year where there were things just don't go your way. And, uh, you know, usually doesn't happen this grossly, especially with your at home, and, uh, but shame on us for not killing a penalty. And but shame on Them for? I thought for some for some poor game management, But But overall overall, I mean, the way the game started home, I got three to nothing. And it was five minutes in, wasn't it? Green hundreds like eight minutes in. Okay, good. That makes me feel better. So that means I saw every eight minutes. How many eight minutes segments are there three. Let's just say three. Let's just say seven. So it's a good thing. We didn't get beat 21 to nothing because they think if they keep producing touchdowns, Okay, um But, you know, we got a ways to go where we like. I said we're you know, we're short bodies. The good news is we came back. We put up a I'm a really good fight against Ah, old experienced team on, uh I don't I don't think we lost anybody, which is you know, which is which is a godsend because you know we've got guys out from for a multitude of different reasons, and we obviously need to get some of them back. But It was great to see our boys show some some spunk in and show some fight and show some resiliency. And to be honest with you and it all started, I think I start it started with Iraq. All right. Thanks, Frank. See you next week. All right here, Force head coach Frank's territory. We will take a time out back with more of the Navy Federal Credit Union postgame show. Right here on the Air Force Sports Network from Lear Field I MG college presented by Yusa. Strong work.

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