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But I moved for the woman weather, you're out of luck and free Zing really, really cold. And you know what Bella because for those of you who didn't know my a beautiful dog Sadie. She posted away last February. And but I talked to the senior dog and her name is Bella, boo ballet. She is a Shitsu mix, and we've had her four I think a couple of months now and she doesn't care about. She doesn't. She doesn't mind if it's hot outside, if it's cold outside. She's an outside dog. She's Belarus out jasmine, does not want to know she will go out and do have putty out there. And then she will come straight back in. And if I do try even take out because I want to take her out and get exercise. I put on a little pink coat. And it's not because the pink coat that she wants to come back inside because she's the same, if I put the pink hotel, but I put the pink Khotan and she goes walking, and then she won't she's, she holds his up. She looks like a little old, lady, and looks maintains around says, for the love of goodness. Can we please go home? Your husband just show me a video of her in the snow, and she couldn't decide which pod not to put down. Yeah. But not want to be in. He didn't not I'd be and most of the time, we, she was snuggled in my jacket, but I mean you come on the, she's I know she's a Chihuahua and to was incredibly emotional dogs. Right. And you can absolutely see that feelings on just they weather her on that poll, right? They are just they are emotional ducks. But she does she as a bit dramatic. I think also some dogs like people that can be a bit more traumatic. I'm sorry. I just thought I thought she was a mere cat this whole time. She is America's she not wa wa wa she is serious news. Revelations, this is news today's if you just go on my site, and you'll see a picture of jasmine. She is a Chihuahua mix. We think she's been mixed by with America because she looked she's gonna mayor cafe. She does she's has the smear cat. She's just a really interesting very bizarre dog. But I do I think she's, she's a little traumatic and. Yeah, she is a bit dramatic. And when she's outside, and she doesn't like something she will really show you, okay? Maybe she's like of she will really show you, so, I have to find ways to win rich life indoors. Which brings us to if you are in a part of the country, and it is freezing cold, and you can only take your dogs out for a little bit. What do you do? Do inside the home of what can you do to enrich, the lives. I have some ideas. I know you do 'cause you a great this. And this is where can I dedicate this to my cousins who are in Iowa? Let's listen to this. They all right. And Sioux City, Iowa. Okay, I'm complaining too much contact. His bet. It's like minus minus minus, it's so Anka ni Iwa, and then we have Rochester Minnesota, blessed hearts, and then my others are going up to I believe that's Mitchell, South Dakota. So we're talking. I mean feet of snow just snow forever, and they still get out sometimes. But usually in December January they have to the dogs indoors and they have golden retrievers, they've got doodles. I mean what what you can't put. I mean, there are booties that you can put on your dog, and the people do that ducts, booties, which is very important because when it is so, so, cold dangerously cold like that you have to protect those polls. Okay. But what can you do? Do in places like this to enrich your Doug ready for crazy idea yet. Okay. I once cradle ideas to crazy. No indoor park or okay? Partly is all about indoor park. Four. Okay. So as a certified canine, fitness trainer, yes, that's a real thing. I love to do some fitness and it doesn't have to be crazy doesn't have to be so regimented. But what I'm talking about here is if you do allow your dog on the furniture. So again, we're not, we're not turning into romper room as my dad would say, but we can use. We can take some treats, and we can lure your dog into different positions. And I know it sounds a little lame, but it can be cool. Can your dog just put to pas up on the couch? What about the back paws up on the couch? Can we go on the couch off the couch on the bed off the bed? Can they sit down stand or spin on these different surfaces? Do you have an Ottoman turning your living room into a little bit of a dog park in an organized way? So we're not just saying we get Zuma's all over the place. But if you want to go downstairs to the basement and do this. You have one specific room. This is something we can do to implement a little bit of fitness. You can ask your dog to do these things repetitively. So if you ask your dog to sit and. And then get them into a stand, or toss a treat. So they get back from this, it ten times in a row that is tiring and your dog has to work and engage their brain it engages their muscles. And you'll be surprised how difficult that is. I see so many puppies in group classes by the end of the group class, they won't sit anymore. And people think, oh my gosh. We've just been working on this behavior for so long. Why won't you set because the puppies tired? Yeah. His little muscles are tired. So if you have a big dog, if you've got a really athletic dog, you can do multiple sets and reps of the sits and downs and transactions. But that's the crazy. Okay. So what about people who say, on my dog suppose, on my so far? I don't want them to learn how to get up on my sofa. What are you saying? I, I say that we can we can make arrangements, but I allow my dog on the bed and on the couch, and he's not gonna come the boss. He's not going to do all these things. He he's going to go to the sure, I told I thought that when dogs are on the bed, or on the sofa they suddenly, become tucked duck. No s looking. For the company a spot there, and why I say it as a fitness trainer is because we're looking for an uneven surface because it makes it more difficult. Can we do this on the flat floor? Of course, we can we probably wanna use a rug or carpet, or a matter of some kind because we don't want the dog to slip on the hardwood. We're asking him for these different positions. But it's something that we can do on the bed. Or if you don't want your dog up on the better on the couch. You can use some cushions, or just a towel or something else to do these different positions. Say fitness isn't your thing? Or maybe you have mismatch Bella if Abella, I don't fitness may not be her strong suits. She's not the most agile of she's still because bodies so long. She looks like one of these in toys stories, you said it was user does Linke the Datsun is, so I think she looks like dandy demain on sheila's. She does she she's, or she could be put Basset hound. I don't know. She is the most bizarre. Doc. And we always say that if you are two five year old child to draw a dog, they would Joel Bella, and then the teacher would go all. That's very sweet. Doesn't it like adobe has very sweet because all the proportions are completely out of proportion, and that's better. She's gotten incredibly low neck, a very odd face and incredibly long back tiny, stubby legs. And I love her. I love her, and she dances. I can lipid Saana a whole sight of, you know, and they pick up their front hooves, whenever I come affront front legs. I should say whenever I come. I've been out and I come back and she's so excited to see me. She dances. It's called the Bellew dance, but from one, one to another to an-. Yeah. I'm thinking more Shetland pony lipids on. Okay. Shetland pony benefit Zona, okay? Then what what's Klaus then my dog the standard? That's just Claus is, is the dander poodle who is if that could be, you know, the three musketeers writing equal, the fourth musketeer would be he would his very dandy. And he's, he's such a bizarre dog and such a justed adorable. His like he could be the most interesting boyfriend. Oh, thank you. And he's got an accent hasn't yet. Okay. So what is it? What are so excited to be training today? Oh now you've done a bit. I feel like he's the Lipizzaner in the stable that puts Braves in his hair, and he wants them done a certain way and all the other Lipizzaners look at him like you file. Yeah. Yeah, that's yeah. That's perfect. That's a perfect of the nation, because he is quite bizarre. But he's just the most seizes smug dog, and I love the relationship, you have with him is very organic relationship. Yes, you do a lot of work with him and do training with him. But you also not an future, Pokemon. I want to talk about this, you also apart from giving him a lot of choice. You also training him to kind of all skew or let you know, when he wants things. But also tell you whether he wants to do something, or he doesn't we are going to talk about that in a future pocus was, I think that's kind of wet training is going teaching is going see us training. And we do a lot of concept training. But let me tell you about this clauses for. Christmas? The clauses first Christmas. We drove him. Thank you, mother and dad. I love you so much. Drove him to Iowa from Georgia because I didn't want to be apart from him on Christmas. Oh, my we go into the house, and there's there are, what was it sixteen people, golden retriever and things note to do Christmas on do, but we used management. We had baby gets up and Claus really lived downstairs. Luckily, it was a nice big, beautiful home Klaus love downstairs. But how did I enrich him in this place because we were up on a bluff? We got snowed in. So what did we do? Well, one thing that causes really good at is hide and seek love it. You could be super simple. So let's talk about classes version. It's advanced smart dog. I'm a standard poodle version that his where I can take a ball, his favorite squishy ball yet, and I can hide it pretty much anywhere in a room and over time. I've taught him what's in balance. And what's not inbound, but I can put it pretty much anywhere in that room and. All tell him to go to go to his bed in a different room. I'll ask them to wait. I hide the ball. And I come back and release them and say, okay seek, and he gets to go find that ball. He will search Victoria for ten minutes. He will search so Victoria. How do we teach dogs to do this? Maybe they can't do the advanced version quite yet..

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