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How much how much would you would would. Joe chuck chuck joke. Would how much would you enjoy listening to like an all like an all star broadcast. Let's just say it's like vince. Gully bob euchre the all-time grades like joe bucks. Dad if you were to do all that would shit sorry. This umpire just got buckets. Right in the leg giancarlo stanton guaranteed hit. This ball hundred twelve miles an hour off the fucking shin buddy that hurt. Oh it was one hundred twenty point three or he ate it all my god. He knows sold it though. Oh oh instant grab fair fair. Fuck i can't feel my leg. No sold it. He didn't even even rub it. Oh man well. there's no rub it. Kitty can't feel it. I mean he grabbed for to make sure that his leg was still hobbled he did. He did like two to three hobbles and then he he made the call. Didn't wins nothing that. I don't know who that umpire is. Let's see what his fucking name is. That is that looks like jordan Is lance barrett. Oh what yup that is lance barrett and he ate that one hundred twenty grounder off the shin. Oh my yeah and that's coming off like wet grass. That's that's a rocket. I mean he jared. He thought his right foot was in right. Field stepped on a land mine. I don't know what it looks. Extremely painful i can imagine for lance barrett. You gotta credit credit's due umpires by the way. Did you see the clip of angel hernandez made me like him a little bit. What signing a ball. Yeah no you know what that made me. Think but what he knows. He knows what he knows. He knows what he's doing. He knows what kind of a cause. I can't call him a cult hero. He's he's like a he's a cult enigma. Almost he's a he's a cult figure cult-figure sure he knows that he is a prominent figure within our game. That doesn't make him a fan favourite by any means but he knows that he's he's a guy if this if major league baseball were a reality. Tv show he's he's a he's a member of the cast for sure angel hernandez knows that when fourteen you teams are getting dicked over an eight o'clock in the morning games with drunk empire back. They're they're telling everybody back home that they got angel hernandez d- It's not that it's not that angel. I'm not saying angels of drunk. I'm saying that when you get screwed over by an umpire. That's what they're telling what happened at when when an umpire does a bad job. The first name that comes up is his what happened. We got fucking angel. Either him or joe west. Which i think is unfair. I think country. Joe does the best that he can cowboy. Joe i'll never forget. Rodger davis sliding into home plate. Taking out joe west and like leaning on him falling on him and like needing raja's help to get off of raja raja. Can you turn over and bench. Press me off of you please. It and i can't remember which game it was. A game at fenway where someone was stealing second the throw is terrible and they just fired it right into his gut and prevented the runner from taking third. Because it's like. Oh it's it out joe that's like i wish i wish umpires were allowed to do more. I don't think it's that they're not allowed. But they're just not gonna do media right like we tried to get angel hernandez or woolsey or they're so so so. Yeah yeah we can but like trust me. I've been massaging this. Because they're accessible. And i have access. Oh yeah but it's like. I'll say that i've been massaging this for quite a while. With whom can you say. Oh well with with multiple multiple guys. There's there's some just like in the game players when you're active. There's their stories that you can't tell. Yeah i wanna get like. I want to get joe west or wolf e or angel or i'm trying to think of who i think jim. Joyce be perfect like he's retired. He still got it if we got jimmy. Obviously he's umpired some legendary games and he's been at some pretty big controversy. I wouldn't want to make the whole thing about gallaraga but that's something that's something honestly for me. That would be something we touch on to get to how baseball embraces. The relationship player umpire umpire manager like that whole dynamic because the very next day was something that people needed to see that i needed to know about jim. Joyce and what kind of character that man has. And so yeah. That's something you touch on. Because that's something like like he would honestly like just having an idea of who he is not knowing him on that level he would look at you and be like like. So we're we. Did this all sit down. And you didn't not once you didn't ask you fuck it. Yeah you do your job. What are you doing there. Those would be the guys though. Jim joyce joe west angel hernandez they've got stories and i totally agree that most of them cannot be told while they're active. Wanna know like who's going out for a beer after games and shit like that well and it's like like Like umpires that are older and longer tenured that have younger guys on their crew. You know they might not they might not be fans of that kind of publicity because there's still some guys that are like hey if nobody knows my name. I like that means a couple of things. I've done my job. And i'm not. I'm not fucking up to the point where people are thinking. I'm making it about me. Yeah that is that is a big thing with them as you know some of them do wanna make it about them but a lot of them. Don't sure but what i found is the ones who are willing to make it about them. To an extent will also accept the criticism. They'll they'll allow the back and forth because they get it. they understand. they've been a. They've been human enough to acknowledge their mistakes. And i don't want to say in real time but like even during a game like a call. Does it get made early. On and later in that ballgame. Maybe when your work is done. You're tipping your cap on the way off the field.

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