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Snap will come to them at the moment on the line. There was definitely Arizona movement this time. So it's not a noisy building. I don't know why they're all jumping around on the lines here. So far number seventy six thirty six. Cody Gleason is guilty junior out of Folsom, California. A great player at Folsom high school and now bears the cats had their worst start of the night at the minus six now they lose half of that they go back to the minors three yard line. So it's I out at about thirteen snap requirement all sorts of trouble hair. Handoff over the left side. Does get him though out to the eight yard line. So a good quick burst. Over left tackle gets a little bit of space. There is ball's carried by JJ Taylor will pause ten seconds for stations by themselves. This is Cal football from learfield. Your home for California, golden, bears football, L, San Francisco, San Jose, Berkeley station. Look back at on. The tackle added a second down at eight. The ball is out at the eight yard line. The hand off to the running back. We get out across the eleven maybe to the twelve yard line. Not a first down on the hand off to Taylor. And if the big big play Mike for the Cal defense seven Weaver make you hold them here. They're they're putting from the five bear special teams change that feel the put them down in their own read or in their own end zone. Now the bears they could make a big defensive stop and change whole field position again getting themselves. A short drive in the backfield along with JJ Taylor. Let's say if the bears can respond to this opportunity here defensively, they get out to about thirteen and fourteen yard line. And no, I down bear stop it on the hand off over the left side of the line Taylor carrying the ball. And if he's already had a two hundred eighty four yard rushing game and rusty Becker superb on that stop for California. Now in all fairness JJ Taylor did have that two hundred eighty four yard rushing game against Oregon state for. I believe is one hundred eleven from the nation against the rush right in..

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