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So aren't all the transplant planted at the same time. Then in a big newfield no. It's a good question. They are planning to replace the trees that were cut the previous year. So with christmas trees you start out with the field that was cleared and planted with transplants. That were all the same age but the retailer needs trees of all different sizes so as the trees in the field. Get up to a certain age. The farmer will start selectively harvesting them then the next year he will go in and plant a new transplant beside the stump of the harvest tree. So over ten twenty and thirty years you have a continuous field of trees of all different sizes. Yeah i'm taking back. What i said earlier about how i knew the answers to all of this because i'm already learning a lot. Well keep in mind the tree. The trees that we sell on the tree lot not going to be thirty years old but the field might last for thirty years. Where you're growing all these different as three. Yeah so this brings me around to the myth of planning a in cutting it after two or three years from seed it takes around fourteen years for a frazier for to reach six to seven feet tall. This is what makes christmas tree farming such a risky business. Most farmers can pay their operating loans back theoretically in one year because they plant grow harvest and sell their harvest over a twelve month period. Christmas tree growers however have to wait ten to fifteen years to see return on that tree so a lot can go wrong over ten to fifteen years and it makes it really tough. I mean just think of us ten to fifteen years ago. What we were doing in. I mean i can't imagine like you have a full family in that amount of time. That's crazy so but once you plant the tree. And i think i know the answer to this one but i want to ask it the way i've heard you phrase this question once you plant the tree. Can't you just go fishing for ten years and then come back and cut it and make a bunch of money. Well and you're right. That's kind of the way we've heard it asked which is funny and let me say that just like any type of agriculture or any specific industry for that matter. People ask these questions because they just don't know and that's okay. You don't know what but the answer is no. You can't just plan a tree and come back ten years later and cut down the perfect christmas tree not even close. Not even close as donald. Trump's aim case. You're wondering here is roughly. What must be done to a frazier. Fir tree every year and i'm talking about a tree that has already been planted in the field number one it must be fertilized at least twice in usually by hand that means somebody is carrying a very heavy bucket in one hand and spreading a handful of fertilizer around each individual tree on what is most likely a very steep hillside her mountainside that very likely requires a four wheel drive to get to number. Two lime or gypsum must be spread over the entire field once a year and this is stuff that keeps the soil at a at the correct ph balance for treated grow number three weeds and grass must be controlled either by mowing or spraying herbicides..

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