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The john corby show radio 610 wtvn sterling if the corby is on vacation hopefully he's enjoying himself you're not in misery with me here trying to make sense of things good to spend some time ago appreciated jack over there my name sterling horse and a headline boy scouts going to admit girls and the cub scouts and establish new programme within getty will scout the opportunity earned become eagle scout and a lot of people are upset by this as long as it unscrew with my cookies chance to get the girl scout cookies frankly i don't care they can all do whatever they want to do i i mean it it is a little weird is a little different is as a kid i would have loved who've been hanging out with all those girls rather than the guys just because they're the girls but is an adult i just wanna know is going to be than boys selling girl scout cookies outside of the grocery store like normal or or what the hell that's going to be because i i just want to be able to have a pipeline to the cookies that's all i mean if the i don't know if it i can't imagine harming any of the kids i mean they socialize anyway sound like a junkie i've yeah i i mean discouraging my good i can't remember i think they're called dose he does i can never remembered those i think this was the peanut butter will rise got a little cookie and then as samoa's now those the moses like a twix bar with coconut c i don't like the coconut other something about it that's okay those more for you it's fine all your smoltz i like those in the the thin meant deals too short breads good yeah those were pretty good it's pretty good too that i didn't like was they used to have like a peanut butter cookie that look like a thin meant that was handmade chocolate gupta fake out yup he'd be like as bad it's like when you go to the drive through which happened to me today and i go hey dr pepper and then i think it was something diet and it was it was.

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