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Wonderful. Base. Everybody's lucky. Remember this courageous? I want them to remember as it was less than a year ago. He sat before his wife, there was sadness, but not fear as he wants told Diane do think that you go to heaven or heaven and. Fear. It though, I when I was a little guy, I fear death. And I'm worried about me scared anymore, not fearing death in the end. And what he said when he was asked who he wanted to see in heaven. That's coming up a bit later here and one more pointed image tonight, President Bush's service dog you saw solely in front of the coffin today. The labrador relearn tonight, he boarded that flight to Washington as will he will return to service soon at Walter Reed medical center, where he will continue to serve veterans just as he was so loyal to his president. And as we reported there, President Trump sending Air Force One. And he and the first lady Melania Trump will attend a funeral at the National Cathedral on Wednesday presidents Carter Clinton and Obama will all be there as well. I wonder we're gonna ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl live tonight in John we know there had been tension. When Donald Trump was running for office. What was said about the bushes, which on this really is a moment of unity here in Washington. It sure is Dave. In fact, this will be the first time that we will see all of the living presidents together since the inauguration of Donald Trump, and it is a moment of unity that is really befitting of George H W Bush. This was somebody known for striking up genuine friendships with people who had been bitter rivals and the case of Donald Trump. That resentment went both ways. Of course, Trump was horseshoe critic as there was of the Bush family, and George H W Bush, so resented Trump that he actually crossed party lines and voted for Hillary Clinton. But when it came time for Trump to become president at the inauguration of the former President Bush, the elder Bush wrote him a letter saying, I want you to know I wish you the very best as you begin this incredible journey of leading our great country. So yes, David a moment of unity as the country pays tribute to George H W Bush. All right, Giancarlo across town at the White House tonight. John, thank you. And before we move on. We do want to let you know that the. Eight funeral that'll be held Wednesday morning at the National Cathedral. Of course, we will carry it live right here on ABC Wednesday morning. But there is other news to get to this Monday night. There was a deadly bus accident when a youth football team on board the team driving from Dallas to Memphis the bus and flipping over on the highway. Here's ABC's Marcus more tonight tonight. Investigators trying to piece together why the driver lost control of this bus killing one child and injuring forty five people here still working on getting this crap the accident happening near Benton, Arkansas, just before three o'clock this morning that bus sliding and tumbling off interstate thirty Ocana speechless right now to be honest. I'm just last week. The bus was carrying members of a youth football team on its way back to Memphis after playing a championship game this weekend in Dallas, a third grader was killed many of the others injured were between nine and thirteen years old the injuries have ranged really from injuries to the skull and brain to lots of lacerations, lots of broken bones. Lots of contusions.

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