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Had mccracken and Stidham had win, win, win. Is that right? So yeah, it's like, yeah, you're right. If those guys bail out on them, it's going to be more like just they're going to be having to try to reach out and get Barnes from my cheaper and cheaper racing venues that they're going to track horses to take their place. Now the good thing the positive thing about Tampa Bay downs is that they're still going to have full fields. And betters are still going to love playing it. And that may be the end of whether they have the most. The better horses running there, they're still going to have full fields, because let's face it, people want to be in Tampa in the wintertime. It's a great spot to be. Absolutely. It's a real gem there. And you know, the one thing though is the track is that it's you know it's small. It's not a big facility. It is. It's pretty nice when you get there. It seems like the horseman really liked the racing services, the surfaces, both the main track and the turf course and feel like they're good for their horses. So the place has all those advantages, has all those, you know, has all those things that are favorable and going for it. But, you know, it's the person that are important. They make that's ultimately the most important thing. And I didn't even know they weren't even they were that low this winter and there had been a little bit of concern like that because and that was trombetta not stiff, who I was thinking of, but with win win win. With win win win. Yeah. But we can remember the site for Mike trombetta watching win win, win, winning in the slop at Saratoga where you couldn't see him anywhere. He was so far back and he's watching on the television and he just from nowhere comes flying down The Crown of the course at Saratoga to get up and win and Mike trombetta said it was like the greatest victory of his career. Yeah, that was like the forgo, that was like sprinting too. Yeah, he went last the first in that race. But Bill Matt, you're right. He shipped in tacitus and, you know, he ran at Tampa Bay in the Sam F Davis, and Todd put your head always dreaming running and maiden and allowance races at Tampa Bay in the winter. So there's been more Derby winners prepping over that racetrack in recent years. There's been Derby winners prepping over that race track in recent years and this week is a good example like with the ramps and there hasn't been a remsen winter in a long time when the Derby that Kentucky jockey club last week, you would think it'd be an advantage to win that race and have that race over the track. But just with the timing with the breeders cup juvenile and horsepower wanting more time is like one part of it, I think. You know, it just doesn't get perhaps the feels just aren't that strong year after year. We'll see this year. That'd be a good thing for anybody to weigh in on, but though whether or not they think that small happy is a serious Derby hopeful, 'cause I don't know what you thought, Bobby, but I was very impressed with him. Yeah, he was he was really good. And my only thing I'm going to say that, by the way, the last horse that won the rems and to go on the win, the Derby was thunder gulch in 1994. They actually had a run they had three of four years that the remson winner won the Derby for Jen was going in there in pine bluff in 1991 the renson in 91 and then go for gen and 93 and thunder gulch in 94. And that's the last time a remson winner has gone on to win The Kentucky Derby. But my feeling is, you know, it's way too early to figure out who's going to do what the horses that look good, the beginning in December, who knows if those horses will even be at the starting gate the first Saturday in May. It's a tough go. But so far, like what I've seen from these chat bots there was the pretense, Bobby. He won the print. He rents, he got beat in that Derby by lily T oh, that's right. That's right, I apologize. Who he had beaten in the Arkansas Derby. There you go. Okay, we're going to take another break when we come back. I got another question for you James. It will not be as controversial, but it'll still be a tough question. You're listening to the dot com call in show here on horse racing radio network. This is the prisoner dot com call in show. The phone lines.

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