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CBS news on the hour sponsored. By theraworx relief. I'm Wendy Gillette the Trump administration wants to revoke the security clearances of six intelligence and law enforcement officials who. Served under. President Obama CBS's, Paula Reed reports President Trump may strip security clearances from some of his most outspoken detractors among them, former FBI director James Comey former director, of national intelligence James Clapper and, former NSA. Director Michael Hayden he's also targeting, former CIA director John Brennan who recently blasted the president over his summit. With Ladimir Putin nothing. Short of treasonous Mr. Trump has publicly accused these former officials of spreading information from the ongoing special counsel investigation. Into Russian meddling in, the US election the White House says the officials politicized and monetize their public, service CBS news, senior security contributor, Michael Morales says that's. An unusual justification, in my experience it has never been Reason to revoke a security clearance I've been involved in a number of those cases over the years where. We have revoked former seniors clearances. For one reason or another and it never, never had to do with politics temperatures are soaring and the. West it could. Hit one hundred and twenty degrees in some areas this week several people in Phoenix required rescues off Camelback mountain. Captain Jay. Van hook is, with the city's fire department got the proper footware on make sure you're taking on something that you, can handle and when you're at half way finished with your water it's, time to. Turn around CBS news correspondent Jamie, Yuccas is in Phoenix if you take a look at somewhere like the. Asphalt what the cer-. Monitor your at close to one hundred and fifty the car dashboard close to a hundred and forty and there. Is little relief in, the overnight hours by nine AM tomorrow it will be back in the triple, digits thirteen people, remain hospitalized in, Toronto after a man. Fired into restaurants, and cafes Sunday kill An eighteen year old woman and a ten year old girl police have identified the gunman who, was found dead as twenty nine year old Fazle Hussain is family says. He struggled with severe mental illness Toronto police chief Mark, Saunders says detectives are still working to determine his motive we do not know why, this has happened yet the investigation, itself is very fluid it is very new it's gonna take some time and because of that I'm certainly not going. To invite any type of speculation. Nurses at to Rhode Island hospitals have gone, on strike The strike over wages is expected to last a week the hospital's parent company. Has, brought in replacement nurses the nation has a new veterans affairs secretary the. Senate confirmed Pentagon official Robert Wilkie by a vote. Of.

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