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The sports if you have passion lines al Guido's going to join us next we'll talk to a forty niner football and maybe have a little something for you the audience George hill did not practice today in Santa Clara as the Niners Rev it up for the Packers on Sunday D. Ford also held out of practice he's babbling a quantum a hamstring injury kwon Alexander with his torn pectoral muscle I was limited in practice everybody else was a forego now rumors have it that Joe woods the Niners secondary coach is one of two candidates for the Browns defensive coordinator job also we're talking a lot about the Niners giving pass rush they rarely blitz this year they were blissfully twenty five percent of the time it's twenty second the NFL but they still produce the pass rush San Francisco forty eight sacks that's fifth test in the NFL and they did that despite not having tea for for five of the sixteen games a couple other notes Jon Heyman says Joe a spot is likely going to replace a G. hinge of the manager of the Astros the maps are now wavering on whether or not to keep Carlos Beltran over his role in the Astros sign stealing scandal and congratulations to Dave Flemming name California sportscaster of the year does your half past headlines now back to Mr T. crew can ride B. T. on KNBR one oh four five and six eighty warts leader fan noise is as big of a difference is probably our team is also you know they've got a lot louder as he found better I thought they been loud and great all year I don't think it could get much louder but it definitely was on Saturday it was unbelievable only out there for pregame found just here alot of was a pre game which is unusual anywhere you go I think we've been loud all year at the line of scrimmage they're allowed someone for it was in the huddle trying to call his place I can tell whenever they're touching their years whether they're affecting guys in the hall or not and he was doing it all game Levi's will be rocking and rolling up on Sunday.

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