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Okay. All right. Do we know if lords gonna continue giving selfish to the fans every time she's a court appearance? She did she and her husband did come into Boston via a private jet. And of course, we're spotted on the sidewalk outside their hotel. They were coming in. And that's how that will happen. Some one person on the sidewalk recognize who is staking out and becky's hotel room to get a selfie, cuz it's social media. Everybody's like I got a picture with her during her day in court and ball. So I wonder I wonder if some people figured out there in Boston there only so many really good high profile hotels. That are on the the really high end the kind the kind that Hollywood star would stay at. So I'm wondering if they just got lucky some, and you know, people like teams, you know, where they're going to stay like the word gets out. Right. Yeah. All right. Steve will thank you so much for all that information. We'll we'll have to figure out when the next court date is. And I'm sure you'll be there to cover it preciado it. My pleasure. You can follow Steve at s Kastenbaum. So what do you think? Well, I still feel so guilty like I contributed to this because I own about seventeen seven dollar mossy moti shirts, and if I would have no get ones are the ones before he went to target. Oh, all target all the time harsh as I love. I love you kidding me. But I feel like the thirty seven thirty eight dollars mossy mogambo for me went to this crooked scandal to get his kids in the US. So I hold on the price point even at target was still thirty seven dollars. That's for a lot of shirts. That's a high price. Okay. Are there seven dollars? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Right. Right. And I wear t shirts they don't last more than a year. You could say the one I'm wearing right now has stains on it. And I don't even know you wear them like every day like the same one over and over what's wrong with that. Because I can tell by the same stains, especially when we work together in the morning. You either you wouldn't change it. It's just for one day. You sound like my five year old. That's what it's still clean. I'm like. Dirt on it. I haven't been playing outside and rough housing, right? The stain might not be dirt per se, but it is. Boy loko. There you go. All right. Your funny. Just the way you look at me because everything relates around food when I talked to have been judged like this in so long. I'm not judging you I just point out things. Does does your life not revolve around food? Of course, of course, anything lately. No. I haven't brought you any I did do some chicken. I should bring you some pretty good with my homemade, Texas barbecue. So not with the the pineapple that one before now. But this was pulled chicken for a barbecue ranch chicken salad. You're gonna make me hungry, and you know, intermittent fasting and can't eat till after the show. We can eat at two o'clock. Right. Yeah. But we're on the air, two o'clock. Go get something during the break. Don't yell at me. I can't use it in the break. We're going to talk to somebody about the potholes. Oh, yeah. I gotta be focused for that. If I start eating I will be in a coma. To- state and wanna go nappy buys. All right. That is Randy Wang filling in for Dr drew. I'm leeann tweeden this midday live on seven hundred KABC. Suri talks fast. But that's because he's got a lot to say. And he knows what he's talking about. Sexy part of socialism. I'd probably go the full-scale government confiscation of private property. Followed by penury dot just keep listening. You'll get the rhythm. And learn something to ban is one of the smartest ape I've ever heard on radio the Ben Shapiro show. Now three to set up on AM seven nine eighty see. KABC dependable traffic.

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