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FBI, Brad Kavanagh, Senate discussed on Joe Walsh


Brad Kavanagh had a campaign rally in Mississippi, the president mock last week Senate testimony by Ford who acknowledged she doesn't remember all of the details about Kavanagh's alleged assault. How did you get home? I don't remember how did you get there? And remember where is the place? I don't remember how many years ago was it. I don't know. The president directed the FBI to investigate Ford's allegations, which Cavanaugh denies what else correspondent, Greg Clugston. As the FBI Russia's to complete its background check by Friday. The senate's top Republican again says lawmakers will vote on the cabinet nomination this week. Mitch McConnell pushing hard for a floor vote by week's end after the FBI shares what they've found senators will have the opportunity. Devote? We'll have the opportunity to vote. No on the politics of personal destruction will have the opportunity to vote. Yes. Almost fine. Nominate meanwhile, the Senator who pushed for a one week delay. Arizona's Jeff flake says he'll wait to see the FBI report before he decides how to vote Capitol Hill. Correspondent Wally is the US on void NATO says Russia must halt development of new nuclear capable missile ambassador. Kay, Bailey Hutchinson warns the US could take out the system if it becomes operational NATO fears the system runs afoul of the nineteen eighty-seven intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. The Cold War era pack bands, an entire class of weapons all land-based cruise missiles with a range between three hundred ten and thirty four hundred ten miles. The alliance says that the Russian system fits into that category. Rich Thomasson reporting the dash like wildcard game at Wrigley field us in the bond with the thirteenth.

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