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Good morning grant how are you hi i i agree with her cooler people arguable goes on oh okay a couple of the real crop of obamacare awesome what we grew recorded reco five hundred reichbauer automotive appropriate the proper way of coterie though if i'm and this is the fundamental problem here is that when you have that large of a government subsidy you have essentially healthy people every person in a country paying for a relatively small minority of people who are using a tremendous amount of services and this is a model that we have seen under obamacare that simply can't work because what's happening is the cost on everybody whether or not they have a pre existing condition is rising dramatically and what were essentially arguing for on the left here is socialized medicine that there should be just a single payer that pair should be government what the problem there is of course somebody always pays this idea that somehow you're not going to pay is a myth you're either paying for it in your premiums in your deductibles and your co pays or you're paying it with a subsequent increase on taxation garrett in richfield garrett you're on w i assent in love the show whatever they would allow thank you garrett i appreciate that i by way for me to the lincoln i want to marry her know.

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