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Welcome to coffee has shorts spectators, daily poets podcast. Same joined by phrase Elson and we'll Tanna from the think tank own wit. So we've had the news today that the BBC will not challenge the ruling over its coverage of police rate at secdef Richards home in two thousand fourteen at the court of appeal phrase. What does this tell us will the BBC was oversea messed up with the clip ridge thing into actually have a television camera film. Live hazard. Yes. From a helicopter. We're going way over the top that the judgment against them at the time race in quite serious questions of free speech. I mean the the high court, so ruled WBZ breached privacy is one of this classic right to privacy versus the freedom of expression? The public's rights? No. And at the time it seems as if judgment moves the dial to protect privacy, even against the public interest. So a lot of newspapers of telegraph the sun saying, look, we're not great fans of the BBC. They completely messed this up. But if you dysentery goal, the BBC's mistake from the judge's ruling seemed as if the dial has gone against, press freedom here, and we need to be careful about this. So that leads to pressure for the BBC to appeal looking. Okay. BBC we know you've messed up, but it was a lot of people now who are now depending on you to fight this and today they've decided not. Now you might expect times of telegraphed to come out tomorrow saying MRs absolutely outrageous would be chicken doubts. But what happened in between times that the judge issued illegal Carthage Asian saying, actually, my judgment has been misinterpreted ever hasn't been any changes. I did not intend to save leber -ties of greater protection in ordinary people. I didn't intend to move the dial between privacy and the public's rights to know. So when he made that convocation the winder legal issues subdued. Now, when that happened, the debate changed and the BBC's case started to look a lot weaker and a lot bleaker. So that is why I think they wouldn't have decided to appeal all that remains shore enough the right of free speech principal of out of the window. Only thing that remains the BBC's blunder, and that is not something they want to draw attention on our spend taxpayers money, license payers, money as they dodge early, call it on the subject because the co rations that the negative seek advice on Hannie general own for the rulings impact on future report, busy complete joke. They're baseless. We're going to go to parliament. We're gonna go to the government. Can you police this outs politicians of no interest in protecting press freedom. They never have always make 'em. Okay. Bye bye. I exclude from that. The twelve heroic us and rebels who voted against leaves report, but every other MP and as of Commons all says to regulate the press and forces to join this dodgy regulator on penalty of all sorts of dreadful fines. Now, the politicians natural state is vegemite anything.

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