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Boys he met Terry Melcher Terry Melcher was a hot shot record producer with the birds and all those groups of the sixties and Terry Melcher was in napa Terry Melcher by the way was the only son of the late Doris Day and he was at a record producer who had the birds and other groups and Manson met him at the home of Dennis Wilson because believe it or not Manson and his girls became allergy well is he with Dennis so much so that Dennis invited Manson the goes to move into his mansion on Sunset Boulevard and that that became the entree for Charles Manson to me rock and roll people including Terry Melcher and to get down to RGO question Terry Melcher was kind of at a track he commands and he liked his lifestyle he saw that he had these twenty five this new bio semi naked girls doing his bidding he wanted to be a rock star now she was looking for some new talent and Melcher auditioned him then went off Manson in Manson was very upset about that in nineteen sixty nine the Beatles are the the beach boys reworked one of Manson's songs called never learn not to love and put it in an album of call twenty twenty I got a clip of the beach boys doing Manson song here we go not much the beach boys Charles Manson's on Charlie didn't sound like that day did he it.

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