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Fight. I think he lost forty pounds in camp getting ready for but how much of that was spent learning. Mma learning grappling learning. You know any of that. As soon as i hit that low single and he went down is legs when stradey allowed me to climb right to mount. He didn't protect himself on the ground. It was very apparent that he had done eighty homework in learned anything else. These days there's lots of I dunno spectacle fights. We saw conor mcgregor and mma guy taking on floyd mayweather and not too long from now. We're going to veto bail. Fourteen oscar de la hoya. We know that boxers can't come in. Ma what do you think about these guys going into boxing. Is that something that even remotely interests you. In one of these spectacle pay per views. The people are doing these days. I appreciate that. Those guys are getting boxing money getting i think that's the biggest thing i see in. This is that they're shining a flashlight on the disparaging difference between the pay that enemy fighters get in the pay. The boxers get and that's all two bedroom legislation that mohammed ali that was passed in one thousand nine hundred six to protect boxers from promoters like don king and create transparency in that sport. You pushing to get that amended to include all combative sports athletes and give us that same luxury that same transparency so that it levels the playing field and we can negotiate our fair value in the marketplace so l. The conor mcgregor had the opportunity to really hold their feet to the fire and show that he chose not to chose to retain white and company in and let them participate in his boxing. Match with floyd. I think this logan paul and jake paul certainly know how to talk. The game for youtube sensations but again. They're poking dana white. They're they're making more money than any anime planners who's been staying there career doing this in these matches it. Oh i hope tyron woodley. I know he's done the diligence done the work. I'll be as its success. This coming weekend with jake paul. You know dover was always a great striker so why not try a hand at boxing and get paid. Boxing money we saw anderson silva do recently another anime star who has great striking background. Interesting that jake. Paul logan twelve keep picking guys with strong wrestling backgrounds and not strong striking background. So you know but you have to admit. The paul's aren't too bad of boxers. Worker you can see that. There are still pretty green as as boxers go. But they're hard workers they're putting in the work and and they're having fun doing it i. It's hard to knock him for that. I'm not a big fan of all the smacktalk and all those stuff never have been but it is what it is speaking of smacktalk at any point in your career. Did you ever have any talks with any professional wrestling. I never did. They never approached me all up. Yeah it just never happened I don't know but it just never. Did you finish up career in front of fifty five thousand fans in toronto. It's a loss to the oma cheetah forty seven years old. You're going to hang it up. Was it the fight game itself your age conditioning or just. Just get the acting bug because you did some pretty big stuff. After that was definitely interested in focusing all all the other things i had in my life that will go so well also had you know from years arresting then fighting the disks in the neck Were degenerated starting to give me some troubles. i didn't wanna grind out. The campaign ended up having to have surgery I thought it was better for me to just go out on top. Go out on my accord. Not have some promoter. Doctor telling me that i shouldn't do this anymore. I wanted to go out on my own terms. And i think that's a rare thing in in our society today for athletes so that was my took me wild. Come to terms with that decision. It was during the james toney camp that every old injury ever add flared up for no particular reason and it was the first time that little voice in my head started chirp and said hey. Maybe that's your body telling you need to do something else. But so i had to really take that seriously but what. You're starting to have that conversation in your own head. It might be time to think about doing something right. You had done films and tv shows and obviously your biggest was the expandable hs means three of those films. How was it working with some of the biggest action stars in the world and did any of them try you out. It was surreal for sure to be on set with all those guys all those guys. I grew up watching on the big screen. Opinion moment most definitely None of those guys wanted to spar with me. I did a little sparring with dolph. London shin karate. Background real sparring. He's a great big guy at six foot three I did a little bit of sparring working out for some of the promotions after was one with him and we had a lot of fun doing it but never really got into serious sparring or series fighting a competing with any of those guys. They're all obeys guys. A great group guys to be getting ready to leave here october. First for expandable Start filling in the fourth other. One good for america tour. We can't thank you enough for the time today. Were so excited to have you here on the kurt angle. Show wanna remind everybody that can get you part of the pf l. and you guys have the big world championship fight coming up october twenty seven. That's a wednesday tickets are on sale. Now you can pick it up at ticketmaster dot com or just check out. Efl mma dot com to see everything going with the professional fighters league. Don't forget you can also watch the shows on espn. So let's support. What district tour is doing and Offer one wait to see what's next and obviously we already talked about expandable for get ready to start filming nat. So that's what's going on in my world right now while good for you randy. Good luck with everything. My friend keep in touch. Thanks for the great to see. Thanks for everything. Thanks bye-bye so how about that kurt. They may legend here. I mean you have see hall of famer multiple times champion. Still doing his thing now With the npfl. I gotta check that out. I have to admit it's kind of not been on my radar. But now that i understand it's less about spectacle more about sport i'm into it. I'm going to check it out. I think that's really cool that they're doing that. And and you know what randy was a great interview today. He's so articulate. Very well with his words tells great stories. I really enjoyed it. If you haven't already go follow randy on twitter. You can find him anywhere. You enjoy social media. He's got all the different platforms. It's randy underscore mature greatly. Appreciate the opportunity to talk with today. I hope you guys will throw him a follow and it is kind of fun to think about. What if you know what if he had Cross paths with you in a wrestling ring or would if you got an mma and we got to see kurt angle randy couture inside a cage. It's fun to think about. What if it is a lot of fun. I think randy. And i very much the same great incredible work ethic and we were strategists. We would figure out how to win. We wouldn't just go out there in and throw your talents out on the matter. In the octagon we go out there and we would have a game plan in mind. And i know a lot of fighters don't do that these days they just wanna go out there and throw but rainey's strategist that's what makes them so successful well and for you guys. 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