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Going to be. He's going to be amazing. That's the final piece of the jigsaw. He's going to be incredible because technically is amazing. But we all know when Liverpool air strength, especially in midfield because they don't score any midfield players live for Liverpool, just do not score but the work rate that they put in in the hunger and their tenacity they feed marnay, they feed for me, no. He was missing today. They feed sadio marne. When Thiago come off the bench today, when Liverpool were in a hurry, you sort of slowed it down a little bit too much. News planes no look passes, which you can do when you're cruising in a game and you're winning one or two and ill, but I don't know he needs to get going for me. But that was a performance that you've got to give west arm credit. They would have been distraught at the end of the game of Saudi amani had brought that back to three three because Liverpool, they deserve nothing out of that game. Allison, a football three, just on that point. I don't think I don't put the blame at him for the second. And listen, I understand why people feel that way, but I also see it from a goalkeepers perspective where you make a good effort at the ball. You get just enough that you take some piece off of it so it looks worse than it is. You actually will get less blame if you don't get as much on the ball. And so it's a street situation for you to find yourself in. But to the point about Liverpool, Liverpool considered two goals from set pieces here. And if I'm going to put on going to them or if I'm using club one and where do I go wrong? That clearly is a weakness of this because you either Van Dyke or bean you are the only players with any kind of height and far too far too many and on this occasion should Alexander Arnold, even then don't want to don't want to get into that nitty Gritty that battle inside that box from a set piece. So that's where that's where you can get your joy. And then if you manage it to launch a counter attack as it did, nobody picks up for now as it did. You get even more. But the initial question on double donut franc said with Van Dyck, there were times where Van Dyck and Michael Antonio were one and one. Up against each other. I have never seen anyone look as comfortable playing against Michael Antonio as Virgil Van Dyke. It is scary, how good a player he is. And for me, despite Liverpool's defensive walls, certainly on today's show and he's responsible for none of it. West Ham, of course, exceeding all expectations. And it incredible season off the back of their success last year. And we were scratching it. What is it? What have they done really that's really pushed them forward. Obviously, they've brought in a lot of fresh players, but maybe it isn't the players that they've brought in. Maybe it was the players that they let go, or maybe the players that retired that have reading the catalyst for their surge in success of West Ham over the last couple of seasons. And you kind of think, well, who is it? Who that has left? And what was that record like before and after? Maybe if.

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