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Sized passengers? So he's referring to this article this link here from news dot com dot AU in their travel section. A man accuses Qantas of fat, shaming him out of exit row seat Darren Beale says he specifically booked exit row seats for extra legroom, but was bullied by. That was in quotes by a flight attendant and forced a man. Let's see. He was on a local today show in Australia that he's facility. But the seat in the emergency exit row. Melbourne to Brisbane flight so he can have extra leg room. But a flight attendant told him, he couldn't sit there due to air regulations when he questioned the rule, he said that the flight attendant suggested he buy two seats in the future. You must be big Mr. bills said he felt bullied in was forced to spend the flight in an ordinary seat, he maintains he would have been able to help in emergency. She the flight attendant says, well, look again airway regulations. You cannot sit in an exit seat if you're disabled or, you know, or if you require an extended seatbelt. Darren beals of Geelong or Gillan said he felt bullied and belittled by the quantified attendant so that can fit in the seat. Fine. I didn't need a second seat. It was that shaming. She was rude. The civil aviation safety authority provides guidelines to Qantas about safety in the emergency exit row and recommends passengers seated there are able bodied and capable of helping an emergency passengers by seats in the exit roller asked to adhere to a range of criteria when they buck. If the passengers are unable to meet this criteria airlines, including Qantas will ask passengers to change seats. That's what Quanta said. In a statement to news dot com. A u customers who purchase an exit row seat are told they must satisfy the requirements during the booking process. So quotas website, does say passengers who need an extension.

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