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Good company and nc in bobby. Thank god this woman deborrah leslie who loved the deputy you know that were shed the story and all of us are responsible enough that are blessed to have a job or even not have a job but are responsible enough to at least pay their bills and this is the person that pays the bills. Because you don't want to have and you cables off. Yes you glad. Got a call customer so you need to pay a bill. You gotta call. You got to work out a deal. You gotta do this. You can look of want. Your bills paid kobe if you can. Because you don't wanna have cova and then you're trying to get your cable back on trying to negotiate. You likes not being cut off because that reduces that stress. Yeah yeah i well. We're going to let you go we. We're gonna talk about. We're gonna talk to the poor every morning. We just like we do what everyone else just like. We do what everyone else we are in this journey with you every day until you become relevant rohallah though had a full one hundred percent recovery and we haven't heard from and we haven't heard from him in two weeks right but that's fine and this is what we're gonna do with our beloved right. We're going to be just. This is just what it is until she recovers and then we just all move on. I we'll go on back to take a picture bed and see what was going on as a lack on on you put it in the room so we can all see member. Well what he did he put his ventilator is little vin and low oxygen tank out there that was actually when he was staying with. Pop hollis so a sis we love you we here for the journey We here with you sean hayes. Jones will continue to call you in the morning. Thank you i. i'm just. I'm gonna put my phone on side yup at night. That's all i love. Y'all like i love reading different stuff. Michael grasp we The queen everybody's reach out. Some brain might try to wake me. Thank y'all thank you for reaching out but don't try to wake me. Y'all don't want me. I want a cologne. We will meet. Hardy is barbie charl like well. We're gonna find out tomorrow morning at seven o'clock i was right. I'm calling you better. Be divorced arabi up barbie. I wake up five thirty in the morning. It'll be all right you'll have to be nice me. She's going to being harvey not less than five. Call me at five. Twenty five call me. Allegedly were battle. You know what. Maybe i should call in record it. S five play our conversation right now. Funny song goodbye bad now. Well hey well she said it. Yeah sean hey hanes jones. Taking that lead picked up their flag. She's going to do with each and every day. So let's follow a journey of our beloved. Make sure she's good. Now forget i. I want to say on a motivation. Newman i am so motivated to call the board tomorrow more. She does she she she. She has motivated me and hopefully she'll take a picture of that medicine candidates. She has on a bed. Shot out six colby. We're gonna go right through this with her okay so before we get into what we already into showing a motivation one. I'm boy can. I wanna thank everyone full coming out last night. I n meal are class at was address again. Eight delaware's okay cool. Thank you so much for coming out for. The bottom of horror folks came out We had a nice size crowd in their last night. Borba cologne was there. Sydney jay was there and The beloved members of our chat who were in the building to show hilarious. Thank you to to new york. King talent who got up there and destroyed the romo special. Thanks to chris. G and ray and a kobe jack and al does well and especially thanks to dj hot source who came a barbeque alone. and He was playing. Well he didn't play music Have music and then at the end we figured it all out. So i wanna thank everyone for coming out and having a good time. We truly appreciate it so much. Thank you the next one. Mother's day where we got folks coming out. This sunday made a knife. You're come on now. Sundays is the new saturday night. We was partying barbecues and their party. A little bit. We was in a little bit after the show party. We had a good good time. And and and thank you so much for who came out of Us last night on. Thank you know we. Actually we went pretty late. We went to nine o'clock but it just like it was still kinda early. It really did not left. I say it's this early and usually we in before that eight thirty eight thirty but we went to nine o'clock we started late so it's a comfortable time you'll come on now. Is sunday as early in the evening. You home from for sure folks get home before ten but usually get home like around the clock so come on out mother's day we've got the mother's day addition matinee dishes mother's day. That's may the knife of twenty twenty one at the i. You'll whiz located barbara eight. One south delaware dr and eastern pennsylvania also guest guess. What guys if. You're in the area on this sunday a barbie cologne Is having her bobby. Cologne is part of lehigh. Valley fashion we showcase some her designs at the lehigh valley Fashion week on sunday. We have a special guest coming in at eight. Thirty to talk about that Hopefully i got a text that to Hopefully the talk about how valley fashion week. So i'm going to go out there and support barbie. Cologne is this sunday. Doubt to be the twenty fifth of april down at the request here in bethlehem pennsylvania. So if you wanna hang out with me tiny he's gonna hang out with me at night so if you guys want to hang out with meaninglessness less feel what's coming out in support our one and only barbie cologne in her designs and and the whole experience italy how valley fashion week. So if you're not doing it out debts come on hang out with your boy sean. Yeah just hang out with me just to just hang out. Let's get dressed up a hanger. So about sean harvey opposition. Don't say that it's not about you. i'm on. I'm i'm in the background. You look on his video. Actually they see you. And i'm just a silhouette see eighty. Did they see both of us. Show and so Less Come on out. If you're not doing that in the sunday let's let's go out there and have a good old town of doors open up at five o'clock is starts at six at the west down bethlehem. I'm i'm hanging out in. Joyti enjoy the designers and also enjoy barbie's design. I'm not saying on an impartial. Everybody is it designers. Only.

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