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They're not doing anything of the sort. Right nothing. Nothing at all. I've seen nothing about this that they're upset about we're talking about policy thing. They're not talking about the fact that the fucking president is saying that I might use executive power to declare a state of emergency. This goes back to two thousand six and seven I wrote about this for reason at the time the Naomi wolf's that we're comparing to fascism and saying the enabling act of nineteen thirty three. April mentioned thirty-three and nobody's making those references anymore because it's just kind of deer gore at the moment. But I wanna pull one thing slightly back and actually want to throw this to the group as a as a question is that. Are we in a Apotex Anthony said something which I think is right? We're not gonna populist moment. Republican era. Are we becoming Europe in this sense? We've all we slowly become European is in particular senses in American politics. But are we becoming Europe in the sense that we need a social Democratic Liberal Party that we have two parties? Right. This is everyone. So this is fucking horrible feature of American politics. I actually don't think that because we see that when you have nine parties competing for things in Europe, the Swedish government Sweden had had an election in September. They still don't have a government everything about what we're talking about a government shutdown. They literally shade them. Really, no government, they pay their federal they pay their employees. But they do not have a functioning government because they've so many splinter Highland. All time. Good thing about that. And win a hand, by the way, if you think that populous fucking psychopaths don't get a say in European pony because you're not paying to you been politics. Do we want this kind of government? I don't know. But the one thing that I think is true is that you have something like libertarian free market classical liberal as they say in Europe, not in the fucking, Dave Rubin way. Which is like I want to associate with liberalism, despite the fact that I have Stefan year. What is his motive is by the way? Literally the man talking about IQ on the dumbest person I've ever read on the internet, not quite quite a feat. But I do appreciate that. He's pulled off the white nationalist mask. Tony. So because people were pushing back I mean years on that fucking stupid. This guy is a fucking embarrassment to the internet. The elegy to the internet. Those question is that these parties like let me say the F D J in Germany, the are they? These free the Free Democratic Party, which is which is a sort of free bucket party. They don't get a lot of attention. They don't get. This is a thing that libertarians have to actually confront their ideas are not nearly as popular when given sort of base example of explain this in thirty seconds on the stage. They're not nearly as popular as the Cortez's this that Trump's which is Trump, by the way is a Cortes in his own way. They are. Okay. Why I have to say on Qazi. We don't we don't know say that this is her name her name under the same. I in cares in my in my imagination. They are kind of the same person anymore. More effective. This stuff does not resonate in the way to social democratic liberal libertarian dozen. It's true..

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